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Community Kudos Feedback

Created Dec 2, 2020, Last active today

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  • Update #3 on the community kudos beta Featured

    ...bsp; New: This group is now open, so you do not need moderator approval to join or read the group content.  This does not mean the beta is open to everyone; w e are still in beta mode and kudos...

    Monique vdB published an article 24 11 06-21-2021
  • Welcome to the beta! Featured

    Hi all, and welcome to our  Community Kudos  program!  You have been enrolled in the beta and you are now reading the   Community Kudos Feedback group! Please join the group&n...

    Monique vdB published an article 28 7 04-15-2021
  • Ability to see monthly and weekly leaders

    I'm new to the kudos program (my account was enabled a couple of days ago) and so far I really enjoy this new functionalities. 💙 I like that we can give kudos to others (even though a p...

    Svenja started a discussion 4 1 2 hours ago
  • daily discussion badge

    not working here also not working here

    Alexander Pappert asked a question 3 2 yesterday
  • Is there Jira Cloud Learning 5 or not?

    Hi there, I've finished Jira Cloud Learning 4 this week. According to the icon for this level 4 challenge (there are 4 white dots and one orange in the middle) and also the icons for the lower...

    Hana Kučerová started a discussion 1 2 Thursday
  • Facing some issues in completing challenges

    Dear Group Members, Some of you might have faced the issues that currently I am facing. I tried to follow tips in few answers but i am out of luck. eg: Group Connector Challenge is stuck/counter ...

    Kishan Sharma started a discussion 0 5 Thursday
  • Instant Likes while posting any question or discussion in Community Kudos Feedback Group

    I am not sure  but I have seen instant like by some new faces while any questions or discussions ASAP I posted recently(within seconds or less). I thought bringing this into attention so that p...

    Suvradip Paul started a discussion 1 7 Thursday
  • Challenges are showing Blank

    I just checked and challenges are showing blank. Attached a screenshot for reference. Could you please check and sort this out? Cheers Suvradip

    Suvradip Paul asked a question 2 8 Thursday
  • Ability to see all available challenges

    Hi, I'm able to see maximum of 10 challenges. There are some challenges I don't want to do or cannot do right now (like Atlympics Medals, which will be awarded later in August) and some of them are ...

    Hana Kučerová started a discussion 5 5 Sunday
  • Lab Partner badge

    Like 5 discussions in the Teamwork Lab group (1 von 5 abgeschlossen) 1 have 1 of 5, but already liked 6 discussions

    Alexander Pappert asked a question 4 6 Sunday
  • Daily Limit on Kudos challenges performed

    Hi, Is there any daily limit on Kudos  Challenges performed and considered for points? The reason, I am saying I think it happened yesterday and today too. I am not quite clear about it so t...

    Suvradip Paul started a discussion 2 2 Saturday
  • Kudos not available in Mobile Browser Except Navigating to Profile

    Hi, I checked and I am able to see 'Kudos' while I access from laptop but while I check from mobile browser it's not there except navigating to profile. Is it due to beta?   

    Suvradip Paul asked a question 3 3 Saturday
  • Does the challenge "Article Author" work for you?

    Hi, I remember some discussion about this challenge (unfortunately I wasn't able to find it), that somebody told me that the articles need to published to the products collections. I've published s...

    Hana Kučerová started a discussion 5 4 07-24-2021
  • Groups offers kudos to each other

    I think it would benefit our team to be able to have a community for our company's team and that way we can offer kudos to each other specifically and not globally 

    Trini Sanchez asked a question 3 0 07-13-2021
  • Does the challenge "Atlympian" work for you?

    Hi everybody, I've signed up using Google form, I got confirmation email from Bridget, I've joined the group. Does anybody know what else needs to be done? I'm little bit confused what's the diffe...

    Hana Kučerová started a discussion 3 13 07-05-2021
  • Saying goodbye .. to the long-lasting harvest season

    Wohooo - Harvest seems no longer to be the highest level to reach. The "Golden Seed" sounds very nice - wow, 100000 raised the bar (significantly!) Jokes aside - happy to see the initiative i...

    Daniel Ebers asked a question 7 4 07-02-2021
  • Can't give kudos!

    It seems that I can't give kudos to anybody! I've tried logging in with a private window, as well as clearing my browser cache, but I'm getting an error. Any ideas? Cheers, Alex

    Alex Koxaras published an article 5 21 07-02-2021
  • Feed seems to be "frozen"

    Hi altogether, sorry if I missed a current post about it but does anybody see their feed "frozen"? By frozen it is meant that the least updates that are reflected are 12 days ago - to be honest I c...

    Daniel Ebers asked a question 3 4 06-20-2021
  • Doubt in kudo Whack-a-mole

    Hello everybody,   Excuse me, but Whack-a-mole's new kudo, I don't know how to do it.   Someone who can explain it to me please.   Thank you very much in advance Cheers

    Vero Rivas started a discussion 2 6 06-17-2021
  • Kudos Challenges - Not Updating

    Has anyone else noticed that their challenges and progress is not updating? I've just checked and it shows on my points tracker that nothing has been tracked for 21 days 🤔

    Laura Holton asked a question 2 4 06-15-2021
  • Bug in "answer question" button for the "earned a bonus for answering a question" bagde

    i just tried to answer a question and got this error message just pressed the answer button multiple times while I tried to post it her, I got another message

    Alexander Pappert published an article 3 1 06-12-2021
  • 100k kudos

    @Brant Schroeder  just sent you some to push you to the 100k let's see when you get 1.000.000 .....

    Alexander Pappert started a discussion 4 2 06-11-2021
  • Search not working properly

    Hello Monique, It looks like the search to give kudos to colleagues and community leaders is not working properly  i cannot find some people  for example Andy Heinzer. Is any one facing&n...

    Moses Thomas started a discussion 2 7 06-10-2021
  • Making Atlassian products more fun!

    Hey y'all! Having fun with the Kudos program on Community .... and want to see it beyond Community ? Community is looking into ways we can have your Kudos recognitions, points, and challenges f...

    Jacob Young started a discussion 10 6 06-01-2021
  • Any updated on the Friday Finesse challenge?

    It's still hanging out there.  :-)

    John Funk asked a question 3 4 05-21-2021
  • Is anyone stuck on Jira Cloud Learning 3?

    I'm struggling to find the videos in the Jira Basics section to complete this challenge. I've watched 4 of the videos via the link but when I go to find more there doesn't seem to be any and previous...

    Laura Holton asked a question 2 9 05-21-2021
  • Group Connector challenge glitch

    Hello, While completing the challenge, I left a group. Immediately after the Joined Groups counter went to 0, although it looks like from the progress bar the value is retained. See below.   ...

    Matteo Gubellini _SoftComply_ started a discussion 3 2 05-19-2021
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