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Welcome to the beta!

Hi all, and welcome to our Community Kudos program! 

You are now reading a post in the Community Kudos Feedback group! Please join the group by clicking this button in the sidebar for regular updates about the beta.

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If at any point you want to stop watching content, click “Unwatch” in the sidebar as shown below. 

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This group is here for all your feedback and questions, but I’m going to start by covering some basics.

                                                    Q-A 01.png

What is the community kudos program?

In short, it’s a reward system where you can earn points and badges for participating in activities in the Atlassian Community. We’ve pulled out some of the most important need-to-knows below. You can also read the latest updates at this link.

What is a “beta” and what does that mean?

A beta means we are trying out a new rewards and reputation platform to see if our users enjoy it. We first launched a pilot, with a small group, and found that people liked the program, so we are continuing into beta mode. We made adjustments and updates based on pilot feedback. The beta will be running through summer 2021 and beyond.

Am I enrolled in the beta?

Maybe! If you see a count of your kudos next to your avatar at the upper left of your screen, you are enrolled. You can click on this to see all the program content. 

           Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 12.28.27 PM.png

If you are not enrolled but want to be, you can join the waiting list by posting here.

How does it work?

Our reputation system is called “Kudos” and is similar to Atlassian Answers karma from back in the day. You can earn points for your community activity, and can give "Kudos" to other users on their profiles. You will be able to see what you’ve earned and what you’ve unlocked, and how many points you can earn.

What about the badges I’ve already earned?

Your badges (on the “Badge” tab of your profile) are separate from the Kudos beta (the “Kudos” tab of your profile - coming soon) and will not be impacted. If the beta is successful down the road, we will combine the two programs so you will not be starting from scratch. Keep in mind we will likely not keep every single point or badge from both programs when we do this.

What about the stuff I've already done?

For the beta, and for any new badge or challenge that is launched, your activity is not retroactive. (In other words, your previous activity on the community won't count.) In moving forward with the full program, we will give you credit for some (but probably not all of) your previous activity.

How will you know if we enjoy it?

We gather data on what users click on and interact with as well as qualitative feedback. Love something? Hate something? Have tweaks or ideas? Please let us know! We’re erring on the side of trying out everything to see what you like, so tell us what you like (or don’t like)! Once you’ve joined the kudos group, you can start a discussion anytime using this link.

I have questions about kudos

The points you receive by completing challenges or given to you by other users are added to your overall account and determines your level (currently from 1 to 11) in the program. You will also get some peer kudos that you can give away to others, rewarding them for going above and beyond on community. Giving these peer kudos to others does not subtract from your total.

I have other questions.

Post them in the comments or create a new post in the group to discuss. I’ll be here along with @Jacob Young (one of the co-leads on this project) to help answer your questions, make tweaks based on your feedback, and announce any major changes or new features. 

We can’t wait to hear what you think! Have fun!


Fantastic news, thanks @Monique vdB I've really enjoyed the pilot and it's come a long way since I joined! Great work from the team getting it to this stage 😊

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interesting idea... happy to help provide feedback

Like # people like this
Like # people like this

Hello! i''m here to give a hand! Awesome initiative! So happy for all of you guys!

Like Monique vdB likes this
Monique vdB Community Manager Jul 01, 2021

@Mariano yay, welcome to the party!

Like Mariano likes this

Thanks @Monique vdB  for briefing and I must say another great initiative and loving to be part of it!

Kudos ! 

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Gaurav Community Leader Jul 29, 2021

Hello @Monique vdB 

This is a great initiative and would like to be a part for the same. Looking forward to it.

Like Monique vdB likes this

interesting..  lets see how this unfolds.  kudos!

Like Monique vdB likes this

so how about those sub-tasks on the backlog?

Like PC likes this

Amazing cant wait to see this space 

Sounds awesome, gonna have to look around and see how it'll go, but so far it looks promising.

Karthick S Atlassian Team Mar 26, 2022

Awesome :) 

Darryl Lee Atlassian Team Mar 28, 2022

Thanks for making the community more fun!


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