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4 Automation rules to accompany the 'Getting started with automation in Jira' webinar!

Hi all, 

On April 15th, myself and Andreas, the co-Founder of Automation for Jira, will be running a webinar to help everyone get off to a flying start with the new native automation engine in Jira. If you haven't already registered - do so here:

The four automation rules below are the sample rules we will be running through in that webinar. I am putting them up here so you can ask any questions before or after the webinar. Looking forward to seeing many of you there! 


Automation rule 1: Auto-create sub-tasks & edit fields


Automation rule 2: If issue type is bug, assign to John. OR if the issue type is a dev-task, assign to Andreas. If is neither issue type, assign to someone else on the team.


Automation rules - Code Barrel JIRA 2020-04-10 14-37-02.png


Automation Rule 3: When an epic transitions to done, then transition all stories to 'done' too.


Automation Rule 4: Escalate overdue issues and inform team via Slack


If these rules don't make immediate sense to you, that's exactly what our introductory webinar is for! Join us on April 15th :) 


John Funk Community Leader Apr 10, 2020

If you are new to Automation For Jira or interested in the the abilities of the tool, I HIGHLY recommend this webinar. It will be well worth your time!!

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Hi John I have registered and looking forward to attending the webinar. I'm new to Atlassian. Do you recommend any reading before this webinar?

John Funk Community Leader Apr 10, 2020

Hi Mridu - Welcome to the Atlassian Community!

I know you are talking to the "other" John  :-)   but you might want to look through some of the documentation in advance here:

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Josh Frank Atlassian Team Apr 10, 2020

@Mridu Bhattacharya No pre-reading is required but we do have this handy guide that could be helpful for you if you're interested in exploring our automation features prior to the webinar.

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Thanks a lot @Josh Frank and @John Funk 

The materials you shared is a lot of help.

Hi @Mridu Bhattacharya

Thanks for registering! Looking forward to the webinar this week.

Apologies for the delayed response. I was on an unexpectedly early paternity leave :) 

Thanks @johnfunk for jumping in and sharing those resources! 

You could also take a peek into the rule playground for inspiration: t

Chat soon!


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Very good examples - thank you :)

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Hi all,


I attended the webinar this morning that was really interesting. Now I am wondering if it is possible to transition all issues from one kanban column to another with the automation tool? My issue is that the DevTeam needs to transition all issues manually from commit to published and it is a real burden when having more than 5 tasks to transition.


If anyone can help on this one?




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I don't really understand how your execution count works. I have a Jira project where about 2000 issues are created per month. For each issue I do one trigger, does this mean that in the month I run out of rule executions and I can't run them for the remaining issues anymore ?

If we have Jira Software cloud (500 user) and Jira Service cloud (5 agents), how does that affect the usage limits for Global runs of Automation between Software and Service Desk?

Hi @Julie Robert ,

Glad you enjoyed the webinar. We had good fun too!

If I understand your question correctly, you are looking to transition all issues from one status to another using automation? Ideally this would come from when a commit is created? If that is correct, it should be an easy rule for you. 


Option 1: Scheduled rule (refine with JQL in the scheduled trigger) and then transition the issue to whatever status you like. 

Automation rules - Jira 2020-04-16 10-19-53.png

Option 2 - Take it one step further with the new DevOps triggers (assuming your devs use Bitbucket or soon Github, Gitlab) 

Automation rules - Jira 2020-04-16 10-56-08.png

Hope that helps but let me know if you have other questions!




Hi @Calogero Kalos Bonasia ,

Thanks for your message. To be honest, we could do a better job explaining how the execution count works. Every Jira Cloud instance has unlimited single=project rule executions. The limits only come in to play for multi/global rules.

  • With Jira Software cloud (500 user) and Jira Service cloud (5 agents) on a standard plan - you would have 1000 multi-project/global rule executions per month. (500 per product)
  • With Jira Software cloud (500 user) and Jira Service cloud (5 agents) on a premium plan - you would have 505,000 multi-project/global rule executions per month. (1000 per user in Jira Software and 1000 per user in Jira Service Desk)


I have a Jira project where about 2000 issues are created per month. For each issue I do one trigger, does this mean that in the month I run out of rule executions and I can't run them for the remaining issues anymore ?

If all of your rule executions are in this same project, then they count as a single-project rule execution. These are unlimited so no problems here! It is only if you were running the rule across more than one project that you would need to consider the limits. 

I hope that helps but let me know if you have any other questions.



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i want to use the automation rules in order to get all the worklogs of the subtasks of an issue in the worklog of the parent issue. 

I've create an automation rule which works great when the worklog are created. However, when i update the values of the worklogs of the subtasks, it's not updated for the parent... how can i do this ??? 

Hi Assia,

Thanks for your message. Hopefully I didn't pronounce your name too wrong in the webinar yesterday! 

Would you mind sending a screenshot of your rule and audit log so I can see a bit clearer what is going on? If you'd prefer not to send publicly, pop it through to support and we can answer there.



Like Assia Touati likes this

Hi @John McKiernan , yeah you've pronounced my name right ! sorry for all the questions i've asked and thank you for taking the time to answer to them. 

Here is the sceenshots of my tasks and how i've added the time to the subtasks, it worked for the creation action. However i tried to update the automation rule by replacing the smart value : "worklog.timeSpent" by "issue.worklog" and also i tried to add JSON code to update it in the parent, but i think that it's not in the bean ??? 


Also, note that my version of JIRA is in french, sorry for that. 


Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 09.49.31 (2).pngScreenshot 2020-04-17 at 09.51.19 (2).pngScreenshot 2020-04-17 at 10.00.02 (1).png

Is there a list of the questions asked with answers?

Cloning from one project to another works great but I am not seeing attachments move along from the source issue.

I have included the following in the cloned issue description (found in the community):

{{#issue.fields.attachment}} [{{filename}}|{{content}}] {{/}}


Is this the current workaround or is the feature coming to actually include the attachment file or a copy of the file?


Thanks for the webinar!

Hi, I attended the webinar, asked this question. Can you use jira automation to close/open sprints? I didn't see any answer. Is there output of all the questions/answers?  Can you provide an answer?

Hi @Mark Thompson

Thanks for your message. We actually received close to 800 questions in the first automation webinar which is a lot more than I expected! Getting that many questions is fantastic, however, it meant we didn't get to answer everything in person so apologies. 

We are currently going through all of these questions. I will collate the top 50 or so most common questions and answers and post them here as soon as I can :) 



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Hi @ben ,

Thanks for attending the webinar, I hope you enjoyed it! 

Unfortunately at the moment, we can't copy attachments across in Cloud. It is a very popular request as you can see from this post so hopefully we can make this possible soon. 



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Hi @Hine ,

At the moment, you can't use automation in Jira to open or close sprints. I've added your vote to the ticket at

However, you could start an automation rule with one of our sprint triggers: 

Automation rules - Jira 2020-04-20 10-25-16.png

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Hi @Assia Touati ,

Thanks for sending through those screenshots. I understand now. 

The bad news is that we don't currently support this. The good news is that we will be shipping this functionality very soon:

I have added your vote to it and also left a note to update this community post once shipped. Hope that helps!


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@John McKiernan  thanks for taking the time to answer. 

I hope it'll be fixed :) 

Have a good one

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Hi all, 

As promised, we have put together a list of questions and answers from the webinar. You can find it here:

Be warned, there are a lot but it should be super valuable. There are over 40 use case questions and answers and lots more. I hope you find it useful and please continue to give any feedback, ideas, opinions.



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John Funk Community Leader Apr 29, 2020

@John McKiernan  - You and the team are FANTASTIC!!! This is definitely going to be invaluable!!! Thanks so much!!


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