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Making JSM ticket creation process delightful with Typeform integration

We use Jira service management for myriad different purposes. Right from supporting our customers (i.e. users of our apps), offering a ticketing system for our employees to managing the entire recruitment process. The kind of flexibility JSM offers, along with its tight integration with Jira - makes it a worthy candidate for implementing a lot of processes that any team would need.

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Nevertheless, have you ever thought about how JSM’s ticket creation experience can be more delightful, interactive & personalized? 

We did & came up with an app. Typeform integration for JSM is an app available on Cloud that creates JSM requests when a Typeform is submitted. It lets you map JSM fields vs Typeform questions. There are some really neat configurations that will solve for varied use cases you have in place.

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Let us see how this Typeform integration can transform the entire JSM ticket creation experience for your customers.

1 - Make it possible to create tickets from anywhere  

Typically JSM tickets can be created from the customer portal. Now whether the customer needs to be logged in or not, can be configured easily. However, the customer definitely has to navigate to this ‘customer portal’. The alternative is to allow ticket creation via emails but the trade-off for that is - getting unstructured information & (naturally) taking more time to process the information, resolve the ticket. The embeddable JSM widget does exist but is definitely not the best-in-class experience.

That is where the Typeform integration comes in. Typeforms can be embedded almost anywhere. Want to embed them in your web/mobile apps? Check. Need them on your public website? Done. So effectively, your JSM tickets can be created from anywhere you wish. Moreover, the number of embedding options from Typeform is just amazing.

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2 - Personalise the questions with user attributes  

When used from the JSM’s customer portal, request fields cannot be personalized. While that may work just ok, we think it is a missed opportunity as far as delighting your customers is concerned. Typeform’s hidden fields just up the game to the next level. 

You can easily include the user’s first name in your question. Or may say Good morning or evening based on what the time is (at their location). Or maybe show them a different set of questions if they are still evaluating and haven’t converted into a paid plan. Or maybe say Hola to them if they are Spanish. The possibilities are endless. The only limitation is your imagination.

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3 - Answer questions before customers ask them

Support ticket deflection is an important factor while thinking about any Service management software. While the Typeforms cannot be linked to your Confluence knowledge base, you can make use of ‘statements’ to ensure that relevant links, resources are exposed to the customers at appropriate junctures. For example, if someone is opening up the ‘Typeform’ from the password change screen you can show them the corresponding help article using a combination of hidden field & branching logic. 

What’s more important - your Typeform doesn’t have to remain the same forever. You can keep it up to date as you learn more about your customers & their behaviours. The task is definitely not easy, but leads to high levels of engagement with your users.

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4 - Guide users to provide structured information

Very few customers actually provide you with the necessary information in one go. There is always this back & forth between the customer and the service agent before a resolution can be offered. Either the customer forgets to include an important piece of information or sometimes they just think you know everything :) 

Solution is simple - just make it too difficult for the customer to leave you with insufficient information. Just use Typeform’s branching logic & guarantee that your agents are getting all the details they need to process the request.

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What else do you think can be done to ensure delightful JSM ticket creation experience for your customers?



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