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Further Multilingual Support for Jira Service Management/Jira Software Projects

We are living in an increasingly connected world. Today, many companies communicate with employees, customers, partners or collaborators from different parts of the world. It is not surprising that a meaningful segment of these people speak a language other than the company’s primary one. In this case, using tools or software programs having multilingual support plays an important role for companies in carrying out their operations effectively.

Jira is one of the tools that has multilingual support for a large number of languages. You can choose and set the language you want from the account preferences of your Atlassian account. Then, all the interfaces will provided to you in this language.

People working on the same Jira Service Management project/Jira Software project may prefer to use different languages. That’s quite normal. However, when these people need to communicate over Jira, they may not understand what the other one has written. For example, in a Jira Service Management project agent may be using English in conversations while the customer may respond in Japanese or in a Jira Software project PO may create issues in Spanish while the software developer who is working on these issues may write comments in German.

By default, Jira doesn’t provide a translation support for the content that users create in Jira. Therefore, for this exact need as Bloompeak team, we developed Issue Translator app that detects issue language and automatically translates customer messages, agent replies and issue content(summary, description, comment) accordingly.

Translate Jira ticket.png

For Jira Service Management projects Issue Translator app,

  • automatically detects customer language

  • stores the detected language in a field so that you can generate reports based on customer's language

  • translates customer messages into agent's language (inline=> visible to customer inside the customer's message or internal=> only visible to agent as internal note)

  • translates agent's reply into customer's language (inline=> visible to customer inside the agent's reply or internal=> only visible to agent as internal note)

For each project, you can specify your agent language. The app automatically detects the customer language and if it is different from the agent language, customer message is automatically translated into the agent language you specified. You can also define the languages that do not need any translation at all (for the languages that your agents can understand).

In addition to Jira Service Management projects, the app can translate issues in Jira Software projects too. Once you set the default language of a project, issue content(summary, description and comments) entered in a language other than the project language is automatically translated into the project language. You can again define the languages that do not need any translation.

By using this app, you can enhance the communication within your company which contributes to the effectiveness of the work done and productivity of the teams collaborating or exchanging information.

We hope you find this article helpful.

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Humberto Gomes
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January 24, 2024




Is or will be available for Data Center versions?


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