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Trello- Can I set a recurring Due Date?

I want to set a Trello card to have a due date at the same time each month.

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Trello has a Card Repeater addon:


I'm a new user- can you tell me how to install the Add On in the IOS app?

Right now, the only add ons available through the app are the calendar and card voting. You'll have to activate the card repeater from the web interface. 

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Francis, Donna mentioned a "due date" in her question. Can repeating cards generate a new due date (so that the card shows up on Trello's calendar, for instance?). More specifically, can one create a card at the beginning of a month with a due date of the 15th of each month? Thx...

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John - The Card Repeater Power-Up is more for generating cards on certain dates. I don't currently use it in any way I can test while getting you an answer in a reasonable amount of time, but IIRC it always sets it due to the original due date on the card, not a new date relative to the creation date. You can use Butler For Trello, however, to create cards on certain days and have them set with a due date relative to the creation date. For example, creating a card on the 1st and having it due on the 15th. And since Butler acts as a "board member", it works on all Trello platforms.

Having the "due date" match the given month that the card is created in is pretty important. It's a nuicance to manually update that date every month.

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Thank you for explaining Butler @Devon HendersonDevon Henderson 

@Francis Peixoto How do I see the calendar through the app? (iOS) 

Thank you for mentionin it. I got it. thanks sooo much. To get it you just tap the 3 dot in the top right hand corner and select calendar under power ups. 

@Devon Henderson Can I make a card repeat after a certain amount of time using the butler power up? Also what's a Trello platform?

Sorry that's me testing commenting :)

Hello guys!

Any news about the feature with renewable `due date` each time when Card Repeater recreate the card?

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I'm puzzled how Trello/Atlassian still haven't come up with an intuitive way of handling repeating tasks. 

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+1 Agreed, I need a repeating task functionality. Asana has it which I will probably use even though I just signed up for Trello Gold, really unfortunate to leave Trello since I really like the interface.

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Trello needs to have an ongoing task feature. The card repeater it's not a solution. The card itself needs to be of an ongoing type.

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have been trying to add this power up but im unable to, any idea why?

I put my repeater cards in a separate list called: "Repeater".  When the card repeats it shows up in the card: "Today's Tasks".

Next, I put a rule in Butler:
"when a card is added to list "Today's Tasks 🎯" by anyone, mark the due date as incomplete, set due today, and set due in 10 hours".

Using Repeater cards and Butler together, you can probably get what you want.

I have another rule in Butler:
"when a card is added to list "Complete ✔️" by anyone, mark the due date as complete"
This means the card will still be in the calendar even after it is moved.

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@Mike_Galligarwhat do you mean with "set due today, and set due in 10 hours"? You can only have one due date in a card.

And when you say "This means the card will still be in the calendar even after it is moved.", what do you mean? Using the calendar power-up you can always see the card in the calendar even after moving it to another board. When you set its due date as completed, the card shows a strikethrough in the calendar view.



hey guys, check my answer at the bottom of this page, i solved it using card repeater + custom fields + butler

Its just 1 custom field extra and 1 smart butler automation.

i'm willing to make a short video if it's my answer is not easy to understand.

Please let me know.

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Fsicardi, I tried using your workaround, but I cannot seem to get it to work. Can you help me with that. 

Hey guys, i've eating my head for several days with this issue and i found a beautiful workaround for it using Card Repeater Plugin + Butler.

The Problem:
I just wanted to have a list of cards (representing monthly bills), where the due dates of each of this cards it's at the same day every month.
For example: Water bill every 12th, gas bill on the 15th, etc. 
So with card repeater you can get this cards to appear all of them the first day of every month, but impossible to update it's due date to incrementally sum 1 more month for the same day.
You could make this cards apear on the exact same day of the due date, and then set the due date later on that day with butler...but this way you loose the possibility of seeing all the payments of the month, at once, with is really useful when you link it with a goole calendar.

My Solution:
So the workoround i found is using a custom field (using custom fields add on) to store my "last due date" and use butler to update this variable every time on the master card (the one that will get repeated every month). 
Also, this is variable is set on every copy, as is necessary to update the due date from this new variable (field), "last due date".
For this to work you should make sure to set this "last due date" to be the exact date as your first real "due date" of the master card.

Then is how the butler automation looks for an example repeating something every week.

Sry for the spanish: "Repecticion Semanal" means weekly repetition.

"Ultima copia" means last copy, representing the last due date.

If this is not clear enough i could make a short video setting this is up in real time. I'm really happy so far with this workaround as i get to repeat every payment on the first day of each month, but they have the correct due date for every bill, every month. And when cheking my card repeats, i can see when was the last time this card was repeated, and even click on that card or any other, as you will see all cards getting attached to the master one.

trello periodical due date butler workaround.PNG


Hopefully i saved you 1 or 2 headaches :)

Good luck!

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Deleted user May 10, 2018

Don't know if this will be of use to anyone, but I have a card that reminds me to carry out a weekly task. A repeater or recurring due date for each Monday, if you like. I do this weekly but you can do it monthly.

I am also presuming that, like me, you will interact with the card that requires the recurring due date.

When I respond to the card reminder and complete the task I then update the due date to the next week. Simple.

I know it's not automatic but it only takes less than 5 seconds to do and I'm already on the card.

I would love a simple due date repeater but until then this is my quick and simple way to do it.

Oh, and the other thing is that I can easily take into account holidays and bank holidays, so I will set it for the following Tuesday rather than Monday. An automated system wouldn't do this!

Anyway, my little contribution. :)

Thanks, this is what I do now too.  My team is not so diligent, and just archive cards with all the checkoffs done.  I have created a Template card, and try and remember to go in each Friday and create a new card for the team.  But that is 28 cards and takes a bit of time.

So I was hoping for automation with due dates.   Thanks everyone!

Hey guys, i found a beautiful workaround using butler that does exactly what you need and 100% automatic once you set it up properly.
check my post and let me know if you need additional help

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sry i dont know how to link to my answer, but should be at the bottom of this page.

Definitely need additional help.

Я не вижу приложения Repeater Card.

как его добавить на доску?

Есть ли другие варианты, если Repeater Card больше не существует?

где приложение.jpg

John, the card repeater add on allows you to repeat a card monthly on a specific day. You could create the initial card on the third of the month, but set the repeater to act on the 15th every month.

But the answer to the initial question is a card can be repeated but you have to manual set the due date each time a card is created correct? 

I use the Card Repeater and can't seem to find a way for it to automatically create the due date when it creates the card on the date it's supposed to. 

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We need the same feature. I feel it would be very vauable for Trello to provide this feature where we can configure the due date for the new created card through the repeater power up.

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Ditto @Raghu Kashyap. I'm a little surprised this still isn't part of the recurring card feature.

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Same here: A bit surprised that recurring due dates haven't been solved yet.

@RaghuVM @Eagan Heath @Donna Riddell

Have you guys found any solutions to setting due dates for recurring cards?

Hello every one! Sorry if my question is a little stupid, but where can I find this "Card Repeater"?? The recurring card feature it's essential for me as well. Also, I can't find a way to have the notifications pop up on my iPhone screen, like it does if I set up a task on the iphone's calendar. I have already turned on the notification for Trello App, but still, it is not popping up on my screen. I also can't see the time of my events and meetings, unless I click to enter that specific Card. That is also a very essential feature for me: to be able to visualize the time of different meetings right on the main screen (let's say, the calendar viewing on Trello). 

It's funny because Trello is such a great tool, however, still misses such basic features in my opinion...

Thank you if anyone has an answer to my questions!

Using Repeater cards and Butler together, you can probably get what you want.

I put my repeater cards in a separate list called: "Repeater".  When the card repeats it shows up in the card: "Today's Tasks".

Next, I put a rule in Butler:
"when a card is added to list "Today's Tasks 🎯" by anyone, mark the due date as incomplete, set due today, and set due in 10 hours".

To take this a set further, if you used Advanced options, you can also create sort of a tagging workflow. 


1) Make a separate list for template/repeater cards

2) Use the "Card Repeater" power-up to repeat card according to your schedule [Mine will also show up in the "Today" list on my specified days at specified times.]

3) Create a tagging feature that you can stick to [I use [OPENING] for tasks that I want to complete by 12PM daily; [CLOSING] for tasks that I want to complete by the end of the day; etc.]

4) Use Butler Automations to make a rule [when a card with a name starting with "[OPENING]" is added to list "Today", set due date today at 12:00 pm, and add the purple "In Progress" label to the card]


With this, the automation is looking for the tag"[OPENING]" to be at the beginning of the card title. This means that any card that I set to repeat that I want the automation to handle needs to start with that specific tag. 

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