Too many Lists on board

I want to add a list on my board - i get a message too many lists on my board 

Though I archived a lot of old lists this is not possible to add  a new one! 


Is there a solution ?

Anybody knows the best way to copy the board , have all the same info/members, ..  as used before ? 

Thanks in advance - Joanne 


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Matthew N Community Champion Nov 30, 2017

Hi Joanne

The total number of open lists that you can have on a board is 500, and a total of 3,000 lists total per board including archived lists... you'll need to delete some old archived lists, or bring them back to the board and move them to a new board.  You can copy a board with lists/cards, but Activity and members will not be copied to the new board. Here's more info:

Thanks, I ended up creating a new board and transferring the data to the new board, adding the members. I have kept the old board for reference in the archives. Thanks for your help

Hi Joanne,


If you've reached the list limits, the only way to proceed is to delete some, not just archive. Additionally, there are two separate limits—open lists and total lists, which includes archived lists.


What I would suggest is that you reach out to us directly so that you can share the link to the board in question with us, and we'll be glad to take a look and see what's going on:

Thanks for your help Michael.

I sent an email to your support service this morning, with all the information. No success so far.

This is the board link.


Can you tell me how to delete the archived lists (not the cards)

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