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Night Mode for Trello

How come Trello has no official Nightmode?

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48 votes
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It's not something that we currently offer. But I'll let our team know, that you would be interested in this.

Not only him -like everyone. 

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It's been quite some time now since this feature was first requested. I think it's vital to let people work in night mode, because developers are a core userbase for trello, and we love dark or night modes universally. It would make your product so much easier on the eyes to use at night.

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Please add dark mode or night mode not only for aesthetic reasons because it would just look cleaner and better, not just to actually fit in with all of the other Apps and the Operating System itself macOS, not just to save battery life on OLED screens because black/dark OLED displays save power and the environment by extension, BUT ALSO for health reasons. The glare of staring at bright backgrounds is very hard on the eyes. 

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Honestly i think putting it on the phone was an OK move but i guess most people use PC so it doesn't change anything. Still love Trello though ;)

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Bump. Please, please bring dark mode to the Mac OS app.

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I cast 3 votes from my team for dark mode for Mac OS desktop app! 
Maybe a simple custom theme option too, like Slack does, very basic but does the job!

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@Torben_trello It's been 2 years since you've let your product management team know about this feature request. A vital feature like dark mode shouldn't take this long to be delivered. Please bring dark mode to the trello macOS and windows desktop app at the earliest.

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The web site and mobile app both have dark mode. Why not the desktop app? Seems like a disconnect within their own ecosystem. 

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Completely agree that this is important. The Windows app works great, but it NEEDS a dark mode, and one that is integrated with windows i.e. it works based on the setting in control panel. This is not a big ask, guys. Please take a look, it would make a lot of people happy.

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So how bout that dark mode? 

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Would love it as a 2020 Christmas gift 

Yes please - Christmas gift of Dark Mode would be nice! :)

I have an autoimmune condition and the bright white screens antagonise my symptoms.... I'm sure I'm not the only person who wants it for health reasons so any chance of an update on this?

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This is almost a necessary feature for us. We work as much at night as during the day and often in darkened rooms. Trello is the only application I rely on that's stuck with a light theme.

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One more vote for #TrelloDarkMode #macOS #Christmas2020 Please!!!

Another bump for 2021, please trello ! You have an awesome site but there are some quality of life features that are still missing

#DarkMode #MacOS #RightMeow

It's 2021, where is darkmode?

It's should be #1 on the todolist of any developer that currently doesn't offer it. Especially in a productivity tool like Trello.

It's a absolute no brainer. 

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the mean thing is trellos (in my eyes) main competitor has dark mode and I hate their UI, but they have darkmode. Every tool I am working with has darkmode...ah...except Trello. C´mon have made so many great improvements in the last months! Trello Business is really getting cooler and cooler...Bring it on!!! Turn the lights down, baby! Yeah!

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OMG, people have been asking for this for 2 and a half years (in this one tread), probably more!

This should be incredibly easy! 

In the backend, just make the HEX or RGB values available for users to change the colours themselves. 

Add this to the settings/preferences, and we'll do it ourselves. 

You already have the top header text changing color from dark to light font depending on the BG image, whether it's bright or dark. Clearly these color values can easily be changed. 

I'm cancelling my pro membership for Trello!

Maybe when people start cancelling memberships, that will give Trello the incentive to have ONE dev spend HALF a day on this! 


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Thanks Trello...

2021 and no dark mode. Jesus.... (sorry for the language everyone)

To be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, I'm leaving because your customers have asked for YEARS for a simple feature and you have ignored them. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 9.46.46 AM.png

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We are actively looking for a replacement for Trello that's easier to use and gets better support.  Other vendors of different tools (like, say, Slack) put this feature in quite some time ago, and it speaks volumes that Trello isn't seeing the love from Atlasslan.  We've been using it from quite some time, and since the acquisition it's gone downhill.

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come on dark mode pls

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@Torben_trellowhat's the go with Dark Mode for Mac OS?


I'm sure Atlassian and the team at Trello can see that there's a high demand for a single feature that you've got implemented everywhere else. Trello even released a whole new look and feel to the entire app and yet implementing a feature that's highly requested seems to be outside their capabilities?


You able to bring some of the team leaders on so we can chat and figure out what the hold up is?

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My eyes are hurting daily, because Trello and Bitbucket don't support darkmode. Your products are almost perfect, just add dakmode and they will be 100% perfect.

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Hi @Torben_trello - any chance this could get pushed up the radar at Atlassian?

Like # people like this offers a Trello type of experience, and offers darkmode. 

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Bump! I would really like an update that says „we are working on it”. It’s been two and half years and we still are waiting. It’s getting ridiculous tbh to be pointed to the desktop version if the solution to this problem is really easy.

I won’t be surprised if Trello team spent more time telling us they won’t do it than it would take to actually ship it at this point 🙈

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Frans I'm New Here May 06, 2022

Dark mode update. Just doing my part.

Q2 2022 and no dark mode - embarrassing for this popular tool. How long can it take?!

Still no Dark Mode?

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I can pay someone on Fiverr for darkmode. How can a big company like this not have dark mode.

Why still no update whatsoever?

Adding my +1. All my other regularly used apps have dark mode at this point.

Any update on this? You have gobs of money and resources under the atlassian umbrella and a hacker weekend's worth of hours could have completed this a long time ago. Please for the love of everything holy bring dark mode do the apps. 

I agree, lets get Dark Mode moving please!

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Hi! So is there any update on the Night mode / dark mode for Trello?

Would like to have it too... Any news?

I cancelled my Trello membership and posted the screenshot. I'm done waiting for dark mode. 

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That sounds like a good idea Boston

Nite Mode for Trello's Desktop and Mobile apps are even more needed than the web app.

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This is very much still needed. Please implement it soon! 

I can't understand how it is possible, to an easy to implement thing like a dark mode, to takes so long ... 
We really need it, as people said, is not about aesthetic, is also health care.

Please, listen to your customers.

It’s one thing that it is still not implemented that bothers me, it’s that it’s not even in their roadmap.

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It's very disappointing that trello web application and desktop application has not been provided with the dark mode. Majority of the atlassian user base is developer and we developers seek nothing but a dark mode in every app we use when it comes to cosmetic aspect of it. It is not only about look and feel, but the health of our eyes too. So please, treat this as a high priority feature request. Just curious to know what is it taking you to make development on this front - lack of skilled resources (which I doubt), or anything else?

Now that mobile is done... how about that desktop app. "Just use the web version" isn't an acceptable answer - there are reasons I prefer the app over the web version. :)

the browser version doesn't have a dark mode

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Sure, not natively. but it's easily accomplished with a handful of extensions. 

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Absolutely right, I'm using desktop shortcuts specifically, so I'll continue using Trello's desktop app. Trello must have night mode for the Windows 10 app.

I really WANT a dark mode for web. Where is it. I can't find it anywhere, and I am not installing some browser extension that then has read access to all my crap. I have to have sun glasses on to use this web sight out of the box. What am I paying for besides storage??? Nothing new that has come out has been remotely useful to me in the past year, at least dark mode will keep the visual peace in my cave like coding environment.

Like most of your users have said multiple times, we need night mode/dark mode Trello.

Most of us developers spend a lot of time in front of screens, which on it's own can already be harmful to the human eye. However, light mode makes it even more aggressive.

Dark mode not only is more aesthetically pleasing, but easier on the human eye.

- Norberto A., just another developer voicing their opinion.

Please save our eyes. We need night/dark mode.

Dark Mode is in the mobile apps from today (iOS, Android from 25.), so what about the main web platform? Any plans/decision/ETA Atlassian team?

Going on two years since it was first requested. Need me to find you guys someone to write some custom CSS?

Another voice requesting this. For Trello to be useful to me, it needs to have dark mode as the ideas I’m trying to capture often occur in the middle of the night. With dark mode apps i can capture the idea and go back to sleep within seconds. Without dark mode, I’m often awake for hours. 

Having dark mode in the Trello app on Mac would be life-changing. I don't think they realize just how much time some of us spend in Trello. 😅

This feature is still really needed but in the meantime there is a Chrome extension called Trello Night that is helpful:

I really need the app in dark mode I'm getting blind.... Can any one in trello's team help us out.... Thanks a lot friends

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I was really hoping to be able to use the desktop app which I just discovered, but the web app is so much better to me because I use a chrome extension which turns everything into dark mode, including Trello. Unfortunately, I will have to continue to use the web app so for the safety of my eyes and my sanity. Please fix this my Trello dudes. This is way overdue

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I use the App so there is still no solution for bringing dark mode and apparently, Trello/Atlassian's developers have never visited this Forum otherwise they would obviously move this to the top of the list of priorities. 

Like Chase Holden likes this

Cancel your subscriptions, they don't care about us.

There are dozens of better apps now anyway, dark mode would literally take 5-10 minutes to implement, if even that; I can't imagine what their excuse for not implementing this would be.

Atlassian hates your eyeballs is the excuse. I just use Dark Reader extension.

Until they realize that is not a closed issue (because its not something they see of value and promote the use of extensions that cannot be guaranteed to be secure) I have taken to coloring cards a dark color (one by one as I add them, time willing) and using a dark background image. For custom colors I use a small tile-able dark image to overcome the limited palette (lacking palate) choices.


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Add dark mode to macos Desktop app 

Bump - please add Dark Mode for the MacOS Trello app please.. Now that Night Mode is built into Big Sur so well, we could really use it for Trello Desktop app.

Join me to post to Atlassian's Twitter & Facebook pages.

Copy paste this or your own to: Trello on Twitter and Trelloapp on Facebook

After 3 years, still no night mode in Trello App.

Atlassian to users: we don't care what you want.

Members cancel paid subscriptions in protest.

Atlassian management on permanent vacation?

link to this thread

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If you're visually-impaired, a dark mode is unbeleivebly helpful, and works much netter than inverting your screen - which is a pain when EVERYONE ELSE has a dark mode.


Please, please, please add this.

2+ years since dark mode was requested on this forum, a feature that from a UX and OH&S perspective is essential for desktop app users - and still nothing from Atlassian - my org has given up and ditched it on all devices for a better alternative...

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Please add dark mode for MacOS, the white screen is rough on the eyes after long use.


For those searching for a bit of darkness in your life, here are easy alternatives for your pleasure while you endlessly wait for Atlassian to care about your needs more than your money.

The Dark mode is possible using Dark Reader available on all browsers.  You can also take advantage of different shortcuts' creation features. 

In Chrome and Edge for Trello, it will be as if you were using the cheap Atlassian's Chromium wrapper. 

In Firefox, only the nightly builds have the feature for turning a page into a desktop app.  I

In Safari, you are unfortunately confined to the Apple prison, so no solution.  Your best alternative is to use Unite 4, the free version allows 3 apps and provides Dark Mode.

- Chrome:  In options menu (...) click More Tools->Create Shortcut the select Open as a window.

- Edge: In options menu (...) click Apps->Install this site as an app. 

- In Firefox Nightly: From the options menu in the address bar click Use This Site in App Mode

Dark Reader is the best dark mode plugin there is.


Screenshot 2021-02-18 183607.pngScreenshot 2021-03-13 104553.png

What do we want ?
Dark mode!!!111!one*

When do we want it?



*On desktop (mac)

Dark mode for the Win 10 app... 
C'mon guys!! ;-)

I'm looking forward to this feature.

Please developers hurry because I can't wait anymore.

They can do it like android app of Trello.

Wait for it, wait for it...  After 2 years, it will surely be out in 5 when the new "sunrise mode" will become the norm :-)


No jokes, it's unbelievable how slow Atlassian is to make changes!

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