Any way to change how lists display on boards? Edited

Are there any kind of view/display options for how lists appear on boards? Is it possible, for example, to have lists display alphabetically by list name? (*other* than by moving the lists manually) The same question goes for how boards display on the Trello home page. 

Also, is there any way to change a board page's scrolling options - currently all lists appear in a horizontal line, requiring that I scroll right in order to see all the different lists on that board; but what if I would prefer to have only 3-4 lists across horizontally and then scroll down vertically for more? 

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Matthew N Community Champion Jun 19, 2017

Hi Kim

While there's not built in functionality within Trello, there's a Chrome Extension called Ultimello that will allow you to sort lists by Due date, Title (a-z), Votes, Labels, Creation Date, or Date of appearance in list.  Additionally, you can use the Butlerbot Power Up within Trello and create a board button to sort lists how you want with the click of a button.

As for boards, you can star a board to have the ability to move them around in the order you want, but you can't do that without them starred in your favorites.  To organize them outside of the favorites alphabetically, you'd need to rename them to be in A-Z order, or start them with numerics ex: 1-Board 2-Board2 3- Board3


There's another Chrome Extension called List Layouts that will allow you to stack your lists instead of having them side by side,

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