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Taco Tuesday: Your favorite Trello blog takeaway

Monique vdB Community Manager Oct 19, 2021

Hello friends!

From the community that brought you Welcome Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and Friday Fun, welcome to Taco Tuesday, a weekly discussion about all things Trello. The best part? One Taco Tuesday participant will be randomly selected to win their own Taco plushie.

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 12.48.52 PM.png

                               This well-loved Taco belongs to my 10-year old


So what is this week's topic, you ask? Well, to kick things off we thought we'd point you all to the Trello Blog, a space full of amazing content about all things Trello.  Check out Trello Tips, Enterprise features, Customer Stories, and lots more.  Then just share your favorite takeaway in the comments (along with a link to the blog post) and you could win your own Taco!

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 12.52.43 PM.png

                                      Taco can't wait to hear all about it

You can enter until the end of the day next Monday; we'll announce the winner next week in our next Taco Tuesday thread! 


carolyn french Community Leader Oct 19, 2021

Wow- this is a great question, and I could write an essay about all the things I've learned from the Trello newsletter of blog posts that goes out highlighting thought leadership pieces and Trello tips.

About 5 years ago when I started working remotely, I poured through the Remote Work Handbook, and picked up important considerations about hybrid work, which I still use (a lot) in my day to day. "Chat tools vs Video chats" has a useful breakdown of how to use each. And also, that Trello as a company has everyone dial into the video conference with their own laptops even if they happen to be colocated, so everyone can see facial expressions and collaborate on equal footing.

Bonus second answer- Here is one blog post that really stuck with me.

Communication and transparency go hand in hand. By going the extra mile to communicate with your remote team members you can ensure that nothing important falls through the cracks.

Also, how is it so pleasant to browse through in the Blog- Trello design team rocks!

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My favourite Taco-wrapped gem is because it explains exactly how "Communication and Transparency go hand-in-hand"

It's something I sometimes talk to Trello users about, but I reuse it a LOT when talking about Jira and Confluence - it beautifully explains "why you really don't want to hide this thing"

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Oh, bother, @carolyn french typed faster than me!

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Monique vdB Community Manager Oct 19, 2021

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ it's okay, now I know I really must read this one. :)  

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carolyn french Community Leader Oct 20, 2021

Feeling extra validated now (on my fast typing + resonating content) @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_  !

It really is a gem of a blogpost and gets at the heart of how to work better

Dave Liao Community Leader Oct 19, 2021

@Monique vdB TACO IS SO FLOOFY! That said, I don't actually need to win a Taco, but naturally wanted to comment on the Enterprise section of the Trello blog.

Years ago, I never would have thought of Trello and "Enterprise" in the same sentence[1]. But that Timeline view is everything for me.

Having a strategic plan is important, and specific goals can link to dedicated boards for a "hierarchy" of Trello boards.

[1] I mean, we all know Wesley Crusher was playing with a Trello board off-camera when setting course for Picard, right?

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favorite Trello blog is How To Hold Your Team Accountable Without Micromanaging

As we all know, To Build Accountability In Your Workplace Culture, accountability, self-management, these are experiences that require continuous self-improvement and input reasonable knowledge for the team, no matter whether they are new managers or senior managers.

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I've just read and instantly bookmarked it to share with my team.

As someone who switched to fully remote working a couple of months ago its great to see some of the tips and tricks to keep me in top condition

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Oct 20, 2021

@Monique vdB ohhhhh man how am i to pick my favorite blog post on the Trello blog? I always love the Productivity Section, no matter what's happening there, there's always something good, like these Science Backed Productivity Playlists, which has a link to an amazing coffee shop youtube video that I've started listening to regularly.

Oh can I mention another one?? I also really like the use cases section, because it's basically like tutorials of how to use Trello. One of my favorite all time posts was one that I actually got to write that was about setting habit and goal tracking in Trello

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I love exploring trello blogs and two of my favourites are there as of now 1. Productivity and 2. Remote Work and apart from those two I explore Use Cases and Enterprise. The most fun part going through blogs, I love the images shared  and designing and presenting content e.g. less than 5 mins read. I encourage my peers and share these in social media like LinkedIn and others groups.

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Oct 23, 2021

This is a "Taco"-rrific idea @Monique vdB!

I've read a few blog posts from the Trello Blog that come across my LinkedIn & Twitter feed.  One of the ones I enjoyed the most was:  The Ultimate Guide To Remote Team Bonding

I started at a new company nearly a year ago (all remote) as an Army of One reporting directly to a VP.  Over the course of this year I was re-organized on to a newly formed team, so this one really spoke to me as there wasn't an existing team culture we built one from the ground up.

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🐾 Taco Tuesday! That's something for me, a big fan of Trello blog 😻 (why there is no dog with heart eyes emoji??!)

Here are my top Trello blog post picks and notes, I hope they're useful!

The One Thing Every Successful Person Has In Common: Consistency
- consistency is key to success - if you do something consistently every day, or a week for a long period of time the chance that you get successful in what you do increases.
- But there is a problem that a lot of people are not able to stick to something and create a habit.
- Tips included on how you can better set your goals and remove obstacles that might be stopping you.
- What works for me is to stick to one "thing" at a time, book a time in my calendar to focus, and then move to something new after the "thing" becomes a habit


5 Ways To Successfully Ditch The Digital Distractions
- Most people spend on average 8 hours on notifications per week (that’s crazy, I’m pretty good at ignoring notifications so I hope my number is lower 😅)
- tips on how to reduce digital distractions with techniques like Pomodoro clock, managing screen time, focus music, and so on.
- I personally like to use a combination of Pomodoro clock and focus music - there are some youtube channels like Peaceful ambiance with Pomodoro clock videos from Harry Potter⚡️.


How To Leverage The 7 Types Of Rest To Be Your Happiest, Most Productive Self

- This article talks about different types of rest like Physical, Mental, Sensory, Social, and so on, and gives you tips on how to figure out which one you might need most at the moment.
- It's a great read that makes you aware of how to help yourself and also explains why you might feel even more exhausted when you're laying down on the sofa in front of the TV for hours :P


4 Common Workplace Conflicts

- There is a quote in the article that 85% of employees had to deal with conflict at some point.
- Of course, conflicts are necessary to move forward if handled properly.
- A list of 4 types of conflicts like for example different personalities, working styles, and so on, and tips on how to deal with them.

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carolyn french Community Leader Oct 25, 2021

thanks for adding the notes too, very useful 🤓 

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Thanks @carolyn french 😊!

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Monique vdB Community Manager Nov 02, 2021

We've given away two Tacos already to @carolyn french and @Liam Green This week's Taco Tuesday thread is right here.


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