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Taco Tuesday: Your most unique Trello board

Monique vdB Community Manager Nov 02, 2021

Congratulations to @Liam Green for winning his very own Taco plushie this week!

Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 8.11.05 AM.png

Taco will be making his way to you soon, Liam! In the meantime, let's give away another Taco with another Taco Tuesday Topic!

This week's question: What's the most unique way you've ever used Trello? 

At the beginning of remote learning last year, I kept my daughter motivated to do her schoolwork via Trello. She was allowed to "collect" unicorns when she finished her schoolwork. We would carefully search Google images for just the right unicorn to add to the collection. It was slightly wacky but she still talks about Trello!

Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 8.18.28 AM.png

How about you?



G subramanyam Community Leader Nov 02, 2021

Hi @Monique vdB thank you for starting this topic and hearty congratulations @Liam Green for the taco.

Ideally, I started using Trello from the "Atlympics" contest and now it's no stopping. I use it for planning my training sessions and when giving an overview to my friends on various day to day activities (be it personal, professional or mentoring).

Having said, Confluence will always remain my first priority, but getting a good feel of using Trello in recent time.

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Thanks @Monique vdB - really excited for him to arrive!!

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Congrats @Liam Green - send a picture of Taco when it arrives! 😁

Lowing this Taco Tuesday I use Trello to plan weekly meal prep. There were times where I only made potatoes and chicken so Trello keeps us in check to make a better variety of food :)

In the first column, there are all available Mains, in the second column there are sides.

At the end of the week, we return all cards to Menu and Sides column and select food for the whole week, and then go shopping and prep. It saves a lot of time when planning food.

Screenshot 2021-11-02 at 16.22.35.png

PS. I know there aren't that many options of food but I don't really like to cook and all meals need to be quick to make 😅

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Monique vdB Community Manager Nov 03, 2021

@Nikki Zavadska _jexo_ this is brilliant! We have a scribbled notebook page on the fridge but this is way better. 

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I can 💯 recommend this instead of writing things down, it's much faster 🏃‍♀️

I use it for several things, not sure which one is most "unusual"

  • List of stuff to take on the next holiday
  • Tracking the things I'm interested in or actually funding on Kickstarter/Indigogo/etc,
  • New series that might be of interest to the family coming to the Idiot's Lantern (colours come into their own when you know whether it's a freeview channel, prime, netflix or disney)

But I think I'll go with the geeky one that does actually start to stretch it (and there's more than one board) - planning role-playing games.  There are boards:

  • For the group to plan sessions (which game, where and when we're playing, who's the DM, who's on refreshment duties etc)
  • For story-boarding, well, a story
  • For story-boarding wider campaigns (especially when there's a couple of us co-writing)
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Sharon Tan Community Manager Nov 03, 2021

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ Wow! I'm impressed, love the ideas of tracking Kickstarters and also RPG's!!!

Love to see Trello can be used to keep kids motivated. I must say it is an unique experience to find Trello usage in our past experiences. I am quite sure we would get many unique experiences which people might never thought that Trello might be a solution to this and we would explore more Trello to figure out it's usage.

Now, coming to some of my unique experiences of using Trello. Here you go:

  • I have requested one of my friend to use Trello for Marriage Planning. I initially thought he took that as a joke but later he shown me he didn't and planned entirely through Trello starting from inviting guests, marriage hall booking, Catering Services, Parking Slot Availability, Shopping etc. Now, this helped one of my other friend to reuse/simplify and with some modification use it for a birthday party planning. A special thanks should go to Trello for helping people to sort out their personal lives. I hope none of my friend copies it further for similar needs.
  • It was beginning of this year, I think Trello helped to figure out my diet and exercise plan. I heard that it can be done in Trello and just tried to build a plan and first see whether it at all works out or not. I think as I moved forward it was not more focused on actual diet or exercise plan but rather how to make the board more sophisticated with features. 
  • I have recently asked one of colleague to use to Trello and create a plan to quit smoking and I am yet to hear the experience. I can update this feed only once I hear more from him.

Happy to hear more unique experiences with Trello.

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Hi, @Monique vdB thanks for the interesting topic. 

Usually a used Trello for work. But one time I decided to use Trello for home renovation process. I create several columns: one for every room. There was a check list what I need to do or to buy.

The whole process was much easier and I had fun to use Trello for home renovation. 

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For unique uses, I have a Trello board for packing and unpacking our RV. Gear, clothes, electronics, kitchen utensils, tools...everything is tracked so items are checked off as they are loaded and unchecked when unloaded. Since using this system we haven't forgotten anything at home, which is important since we're on the road for months at a time!

We also have lists for food, so my wife can add things she wants to make sure we have on hand in the RV, from staples to spices to fresh food. Then we can shop and load food and things get checked off. We always have what we want for food and food prep this way.

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Nov 03, 2021

@Ari Adler this is such a great idea!!!

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We're on our route to becoming an RV family, any chance I can take a gander at this beauty? With a toddler and 4 dogs, it's insane. And i'm the one usually having to get track down the forgotten items when we're on the road. Everyone, please cry for me. lol @Ari Adler 

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Hey, @Irina Divinsky -- I'd be happy to get this to you somehow. Why don't you send your email address to me at and I'll figure out a way to get you the list. Cheers!  -Ari 

Brittany Joiner Community Leader Nov 03, 2021

I once made a board that was basically a forum for discussing personal finanace topics! A new card was a new post (grouped in lists, that represented different personal finance categories), and if you want to engage in the discussion on a post, you just commented on the card! It kinda worked, and kinda didn't... i still think it has some potential for people who are active Trello users, but if it's people who aren't currently using Trello all the time, it seemed a little hard to get them in the habit of it. But it seemed really unique and worked really well for organizing comments and conversations!

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Nov 03, 2021

@Brittany Joiner I love this - micro discussions!! So smart!

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Nov 03, 2021

Congrats, @Liam Green can't wait to see pics of your plush!

My favorite boards have been ones to track house improvements, with columns for each room/area similar to @Nataliya Vasyliv_Reliex which I've found super useful!

I also recently started one to manage content ideas for a women's skate group that a few friends and I manage. It's just getting kicked off, but we'll see how it goes!

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@Sharon Tan - Skate Group with Trello! Sounds Fun!

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@Sharon Tan hope, you had fun with house improvements as well. Sometimes it could be exhausting, but with Trello it's easier 

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