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Unable to remove Status Page Users as Site admin

Stuart Mills December 1, 2020

Hi Community,

I'm unable to manage users in

I am a SITE ADMIN ( and can confirm that I'm logged in using that e-mail when I view my profile ).

I am going to the bottom left profile button > User Management

I can see the list of all users, and their permissions.

I am unable to delete any user, or alter their permissions.

2020-12-02 10_53_25-Statuspage - Team.jpg

I've checked to see if I'm managing users via the Atlassian management portal, and the user doesn't have the Access - I'm fairly sure that I'm managing the users from the Status Page product directly (Atlassian makes this very confusing to check).

2020-12-02 10_58_18-Administration.jpg


Can someone please point me to my next steps on how to manage the users?


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Scott Windus February 25, 2021

Hi Stuart

From what I can see, your Atlassian Site Admin's, Org Admins, and Trusted Users are tied to your Atlassian account and can not be independently managed as users in Status Page. 

It's either a serious design flaw or Atlassian's way of pushing you to a much more expensive Status Page Plan. I am in the same boat, none of my Site Admins will have anything to do with Status Page but they are consuming precious Status Page member accounts.

The only alternative I can think of at the moment is to try moving Site Admins/Trusted Users who don't need full Site Admin permissions to Administrator Roles instead.

Stuart Mills February 25, 2021

Hi Scott

I reached out to atlassian support and needed manual intervention to remove the users.

The thing is, half these users didn't exist in my Atlassian organisation or user base.

When Atlassian acquired the Status Pages solution (as they did with OpsGenie I believe), they really didn't try very hard with the integration into the technology stack.

Oh well, I will plan to move all of our products and spending from Atlassian in the next 12 months.

Scott Windus February 25, 2021

That is frustrating. Glad you got it sorted out.

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Sophie Reynolds December 2, 2020

Hi Stuart. On my statuspage I am listed as OWNER which allows me to delete users. Do you have anyone listed as the owner? If so you can ask them to make you the owner to allow you the have added control. Hope this helps!

Stuart Mills December 2, 2020

Hi Sophie,

No Owner listed, but I'm the global owner / administrator of our entire Atlassian suite of products.  I set up all of the applications, signed up for the subscriptions, etc.

In this case, I believe I should have the permissions, so am confused.

Thank you for your help though, appreciate any input and ideas at this stage.

I thought that maybe I had to manage the users from the Atlassian management portal, but that only shows I have 5 users configured for the Status Page product.

Which is strange, because the 5 extra I have when looking through the Status Page User Management screen are out of nowhere, and I've never added them to this product...!

The more I look into it, the more I see "bug" screaming at me.

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