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SourceTree 3.1.2 100% CPU usage on Mac

This has been posted a few times times, since Dec 2017, and the first Question (link) has been closed and I don't know why, so I'm attempting to ask this again, to see if there's an update.

I am getting constant 100% CPU usage when running Sourcetree 3.1.2 on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4

Any ideas as to why?


Here's a photo of the sample of my Sourcetree process. It seems to be increasing the load around the '_drawContentAtRow' instruction... Not sure.

Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 11.54.47.png

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Vote here if you come after 2020 and still have the same issue.
same issue for YEARS!
Unbelievable Atlassian. 👎🏼

I switched to GitKraken as I gave up hope...

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really unfortunate.

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Dave Hale I'm New Here May 22, 2020

I've actually grown to love the soothing white noise of my CPU fan coming on.  Sure it will drain some of the useful life out of my computer due to wear and tear, but that's nothing compared to the blissful peacefulness I get from the calming whir of the CPU fan.  So zen!  Please don't fix it!

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I find it balances out the tinnitus in my ears so all i hear is negative whitespace.

I was forced to use Sourcetree for a project the last 8 months, seriously, it cause performance degradation of my Macbook pro (high cpu usage), literally killed my battery (battery drain) (I have to replace the battery), cause overheating and potentially also cause the damage of my speaker (overheat?).

Atlassian, Why would a piece of software full load the CPU in the background? At least tell users why, and allow users to disable the features! (p.s. I have disabled all the "refresh when files change" features, still...)

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I ususally use Tower but for one project I need to use source tree as power is not good at displaying multiple tags in the glog.

Watching this discusson since 4 years now. It's a shame.

I just realised this, My mac pro's fan wasn't for Docker or IDE or Chrome, it was for sourcetree 👀

Ever since I encountered this problem, I've been resorting to using Git command line out of frustration. Now after months of practice, I've become a Pro in Git commands. Therefore I would like to thank SourceTree for implementing this 100% CPU feature which enabled me to upskill in my Git proficiency. Keep up the great work guys!

My guess is this is something to do with excessively checking Pipelines. The spinner is rotating out of control. Probably something small to do with the animation. With these things its always something annoyingly small thats the cause. But yes i have been experiencing this CPU issue for a number of years now, might be time to consider an alternative.

I can confirm that after removing a deprecated pipeline.yml file, the CPU usage went from 90%+ down to 0% when idle.

My opinion is its almost certainly got to do with repos that have Pipelines builds associated with them. That or bitbucket repos in general.

I have two windows open now, one repo to AWS CodeCommit, the other to github and CPU is fine. If i open a bitbucket repo (that happens to be attached to Pipelines) i hear my laptop getting ready to take flight.

I can confirm that after removing a deprecated pipeline.yml file, the CPU usage went from 90%+ down to 0% when idle.

wadesign I'm New Here Jul 07, 2020

Hi Jeremy, hope this will work. where to find this YML file?

Perhaps in your repo 😂

@wadesign  If you have a pipeline file, it should be at the root of your repository. Look for a file with the .yml extension. Keep in mind, of course, that your project may have a legitimate use/need for your pipeline file. Thus, if you're unfamiliar with it, you should contact an admin of your project who does. 

Dave Hale I'm New Here Jul 07, 2020

My organization isn't using pipelines and there aren't any pipeline.yml files in any of our bitbucket repos; and yet the CPU still spikes with Sourcetree being the culprit.  Any other suggestions?

The life hack to this is to use cputrottle.

I have the same issue. SourceTree uses 40-100% of CPU on the most expensive 2018  macbook pro model when source tree is idle.  It has been like this since I started using sourcetree about a year ago. The workaround for me is to open source tree, open my project, commit/push etc, then immediately quit source tree completely.  If i forget to quit ST, then I soon know it because the fans start blowing.  A quick trip to activity monitor and its source tree again. 


You certainly cant use souretree if you are on battery.



Atlassian is so unbelievable uninterested to solve this issue affecting their users.

Are there som missing bits here? Don't they understand the issue?

They've abandoned the project.  This app is dead.

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Same here.  

same same for years. I want to stay with sourcetree but eventually gonna have to move on

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bgannin Atlassian Team May 08, 2019

Hi @emil_lewandowski,

That particular discussion devolved over time and was closed officially with this comment.

We're tracking the performance issue (as shown) in relation to the build status column [SRCTREE-5306]. Fixing that requires a bit of rearchitecting of the history view and is on our roadmap for a future update but I can't provide a specific timeline at the moment.

We apologize for the hassle and are keen to address it comprehensively.

Brian Ganninger
Principal Developer, Sourcetree

Thanks for the update Brian, and thanks, of course, for the continued development of SourceTree, and for making it free for the public.

Looking forward to more news, in future.

current beta release still has this issue

[Edit Oct 14th]

I'm done with SourceTree, unfortunately.  And here's my brief experience.

It's been like this for several years.  They've been saying it's on the roadmap for ages, and I don't think it is.

The solution by SourceTree is not to fix it, but to block user commenting because comments in the original thread have "devolved," as worded above by @bgannin.

SourceTree probably could offer a "disable expensive CPU history feature" option checkbox, as a patch while they rebuild the app, but I don't think they care to offer a patch or work-around?

I'm sure all the developers are nice people who put their hearts and soul into this product.  But that didn't save Friendster when Friendster was abandoned by its users for performance issues (failure to scale).

So for the past two weeks, I switched over and have been using GitHub Desktop (also free).  The switch took just a tiny bit to get familiar with, but I can leave it open all day with no CPU spiking at 100%!  And it does the job quite well.

There's something bittersweet about this change... almost like when I left Firefox for Chrome after a Firefox bug they wouldn't (or couldn't) resolve.  I'm a core fan of SourceTree, but the developer's seemingly blasé attitude and lack of priority for a HUGE DEAL BREAKING issue for us--over the course of not days or weeks but years--has left me disheartened.  They've forced me to abandon them.

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This is / was still a problem for me on MacOs even on version 4.0.1.  I recently changed a few things that seem to have helped a bit that I'll share with the hope it helps someone else.

First, I had tons of repositories linked in SourceTree.  I removed the bookmarks for all the repo's I am unlikely to touch any time soon.  I have 12 in there now down from about 30.

Next I removed any setting that does any syncing or or auto refreshing.

In preferences "general" I unchecked:

"Refresh automatically when files change"
"Check default remotes for updates every [10] minutes"
"Load Gravatars for authors"

I did this yesterday, and I've been monitoring it today.
I haven't seen the usually spikes to 100+% cpu usage.  I say spike, which implies a brief time, but it sometimes it stays pegged over 100 until I close the app. 

After the changes I'm seeing spikes between 14-25% cpu while I'm using the app.

You'll need to cmd+r more often to manually refresh, but i'll take that over the cpu problem until they can get it fixed.

Removing some of the bookmarked repositories helped me too. Thank you for your solution.

Also seeing high CPU usage on macOS 10.15.4 (19E287), Sourcetree 4.0.1 (234). Almost always 100%. Drains MBP battery too fast.

Turning off automatic refresh on file change did not help.

happening today with v3.1.2 (216) on mac os 10.14.6

checked console and didn't see anything in the logs per

the repo has a pipeline, haven't adjusted any options

checked open ports and files and ran a sample, nothing i could get anything from although i have know clue what i might be looking for

If the repo enable the pipe, The cpu will more 100%,   I download v2.6.3 from to ,  It do not support pipe, so can work well.

Hope the information can help.

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wadesign I'm New Here Jun 30, 2020

I'm running version 4.1.0, on MacOS Catalina.

And this bug is driving me crazy. Is there any idea if, and when this issue will be resolved?

it goes away as soon as you stop using source tree, i've switched to vs code's internal git tooling (along with the gitgraph and gitlens plugins)


the comment above this has links to older versions that don't have this bug (and don't support pipelines, which is fine since that seems to be the cause of the bug)

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