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Sourcetree 2.7 (144): High CPU load on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.2

I recently updated to Sourcetree 2.7 (144) and I've noticed very high CPU load when operating on a Bitbucket HTTPS git repo - just typical commits and pushes.

It first came to my attention when I noticed the fan on my Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.2 machine was blasting after using Sourcetree for just a while. The CPU load in Activity Monitor showed >150%.

Even when it was idle, the CPU load would drift between 60-150%.

The machine specs are MacBook Pro, 2.8 GHz Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 185GB of free disk space on a 1TB SSD.


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For the love of god please fix this. 

Yeah this is driving me mad. My usually good battery was dead within 2 hours of me arriving at a conference because I forgot to kill sourcetree. Its #1 on 'Significant battery usage'. 

When its running (and not even in use) fans are going full speed and CPU spikes. 

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Seriously! SourceTree has been practically unusable for over 6 months now.

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I highly recommend checking out Tower 3. This issue forced me away from SourceTree and I highly doubt it's getting fixed anytime soon.

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I removed the version 2.7 of SourceTree and downgrade to 2.5.3. This version works also with high sierra

I've downgraded to 2.6.3 (134) and it is working for me on High Sierra 10.13.2.

This was a great suggestion - works for me as well.

2.6.3(134) works fine too on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6

LOL, the sneaky bastard updated itself to the crappy 2.7 version again (after a restart) and I only noticed by after I got annoyed by tie the sound of the vent blasting away continuously ...

Thanks for the archive link! I'm also having issues since 2.7, not cool at all! Downgrading asap.

I've loved SourceTree for a long time, but this issue provided an opportunity to check out the upcoming Tower 3, and I have to be honest, I'm not sure I'll come back to SourceTree even if Atlassian ever decides to take this seriously and fix it. The new Tower is a pure joy to use. SourceTree could stand to take some cues.

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bgannin Atlassian Team Jul 17, 2018

Hi everyone,

I've identified a [the?] primary source of spins for our next major update, which just started internal alphas. The overall issue of performance is definitely not being ignored; it's challenging for our small team to balance responding to everyone and providing details while debugging reports and doing feature development. We appreciate your patience and enthusiasm and are working hard to this resolve pain point.

Brian Ganninger
Senior Mac Developer, Sourcetree

Thanks, Brian. It seems to me that performance should be your primary concern. I'm now trialing Tower because of this - which is a shame because I think the SourceTree UI is great.

If you could keep us up to date with progress then I think you'll keep us all.

Thanks again.

Hi @bgannin. If you guys are short in resources, you could just go open source and this kind of stuff would get solved in 1 day.

I know you might not be the decision maker here, but you have more influence than me for sure.

@bgannin I'm so glad that this issue is not being ignored - my team has been stranded on 2.6.3 for months.  Can you tell us what version this fix will land in so that I can try it when it is released?  2.8? 3.0?

Hi @bgannin,

Thanks for the good news... is there a ticket where we can watch progress? Mobile team and battery life is at stake for us.

@bgannin I thought I would give the 3.0 Beta a try (196) and I see sustained high cpu use still, but it is less than it used to be.  It was 90% now it is 35%, but I also got a significantly more powerful MacBook pro, so I don't know if the software or hardware is to blame for the improvement.  At any rate, sourcetree continues to be the main battery drain on my laptop.

Do you have any more updates you can provide?

bgannin Atlassian Team Sep 26, 2018

There are improvements specifically for this in 3.0. Additional ones are planned for 3.0.1. A more substantial change that requires rearchitecting portions of Sourcetree is roadmapped but does not have an ETA.

@bgannin Correction, the Sourcetree-Beta is still using 100%-110% in the background.

@bganninThis is insane. Your product has been unusable on Mac for almost a year now. Why even bother allowing people to download it? Why pretend that it works?

How many newbie users are running your software and thinking they need to buy a new computer? It's just unethical at this point. Your software is critically flawed on Mac - you should at least tell Mac users it's broken before you allow them to use it.

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@bgannin Why is 2.6.3 not affected?

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Well this is a depressing #metoo

Screenshot 2018-03-29 21.20.59.png

Fix this please - it's killing my MBP!

Same here, %CPU always between 80 and 100%, decreasing battery life significantly. Restart doesn't help, I have to keep Sourcetree turned off.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 16.52.32.pngIt uses more power than Chrome and PhpStorm combined! 

I've been noticing SourceTree causing slowness on my Mac too.

SourceTree: 2.7 (144)

OS: OSX Sierra (10.12.6)

Processor: 2Ghz Intel Core i7

Memory: 16GB 1333 Mhz DDR3

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 5.47.42 PM.png

Well, I simply can’t afford to use Sourcetree in this state. So after about 5 years of happiness, it’s Good bye Sourcetree, hello Tower.

 I am also experiencing this and cannot figure out how to fix it. Cannot use ST because CPU runs at 90-100% and never goes bellow. On paid bitbucket account too. 

It'd be great if Atlassian could provide an update to this issue. 

I prodded them on Twitter: response was "Regarding the high CPU usage, our team is aware of the issue and continuing to investigate solutions. Thanks for reaching out!" (as of March 12th). 

That doesn't convince me they're active on this. 

This appears to still be the case on 2.7 build 152, High Sierra. Unlike the initial poster, I see the symptom with SSH repositories present, so it is not specific to HTTPS. It wastes approximately 100% of one CPU all the time while running, idle. Ample disk, ample RAM, a couple of versions back there is no such problem, so I don't think there is anything about the machine causing this problem, but rather only a defect in the current source tree. This is... not ideal.

Unfortunately the only workaround I've found for this is to use a different Git tool when operating on battery.

I found the solution, after waiting on this fix for more than three months!

I didnt want to have to ask my employer for a new paid software, since this has been a really bad example of when you just dont get listened too.


We found another alternative, its called git-fork, and is free...


Check it out on:

Haha very funny . . .

In what way was this funny?

That is not 'the solution' it is simply some alternative. We have tried this and other alternatives, but would still prefer an actual solution in SourceTree.

Okay, call it what you want, but the actual issue doesnt look like it will ever be resolved. 

Just out of curiosity, what didnt you like with git fork?

what is a joke is how long a big software company like Atlassian is making us wait for fix to solve a fundamental issue making their software unusable on Mac OS. Sourcetree might be free but i for one use many Atlassian products that are not free in my workplace and this issue is damaging their reputation with the developer community. Many of use are looking for alternatives or just giving up and using Git integrations inside the IDEs

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The SourceTree 3.0 Beta has a lower energy impact than Fork on my main repo (only ~7000 files, granted), over the last 10 days, both mainly in the background. So no need to give up on SourceTree yet.

As others have mentioned, if you have CPU issues with 2.7, reverting to 2.6.3 works fine.

Experiencing the same issue - significant CPU load at Idle, latest Mac OS X version 10.13.6, Sourcetree 2.7.6

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.57.48 PM.png

I reverted to Sourcetree 2.6.3 using one of the links provided above which seems to solve the issue. Make sure to disable automatic updates in preferences! Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 12.01.04 AM.png

2.7.6, still unusable. Only fix is to downgrade to 2.6.3...

i'm also giving up on this unusable version of sourcetree

Yeah also seeing this - please fix 

See the low priority bug on the SourceTree JIRA - I don't think Atlassian are taking this seriously enough.

This is making Sourcetree basically unusable on OS X. Would love an update on this issue.  

Currently, you'll want to downgrade to 2.6.3 -

@Scott Colestock Dear Scott, Do you know the version number for the stable Windows SourcetTree? Thanks to your indication, I downloaded the 2.6.3 version for Mac and it is great. Now, I would like to know the one that I should download for Windows. Thanks

Same issue here. SourceTree v2.7.1 on High Sierra v10.13.3. Never drops below 90% CPU. 


Same here! CPU is killing it. When on battery it drains new macbook in an hour. Even with just one repo open.

Experiencing extreme slowness along with the high CPU usage, switched to GitKraken. Sucks, I like SourceTree better, but it's literally unusable.

I switched back to 2.6.3 and it works perfectly. I even like it more as the commit list is more compact (less line height) so more history is viewable on the screen at the same time. Deactivated the auto-update.

I got sick of waiting & switched to GitKraken.

I think I'll bail on SourceTree until this gets resolved. It's killing my laptop battery life. Ping me if it gets fixed. 

Same issue, CPU > 100% most of the time the program is running. 

Happening still on

- macOS 10.13.3 (17D47),  MBP 15" Retina 2015, 2.7GHz 16G RAM 

- with SourceTree 2.7.1 (159) git-embedded 2.5.1 git-lfs 2.3.4 

CPU usage for SourceTree process won't go under 40%, with just 1 repo window open, git+ssh from

I tried system git (2.6) and different other repositories. Waited for 15min to "chill down", but still no less than 40% CPU. Laptop fan is blasting continuously...


I can't use the app anymore. I'll do the archive-download of an older version ...

Too bad, it was such a great app about 1 year ago, when it wasn't probably bloated with all the new fancy (useless?) features :-(

Me too! It gets to the point that I'm looking for alternative.... Tired of high CPU.

Thanks for doing nothing about it.

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