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5 day weekly schedule w/5 team members - is it possible to rotate days?

Ece Akturk June 8, 2023

Hello Atlassian Community!

We are using OpsGenie to manage our on call schedules and we have a use case where we have 5 shifts per week (Sunday to Thursday) and 5 team members in the rotation.

The problem is we don't want the same people to get the same days of the week. We have certain days that are always busier than others and would like to offset by 1 day who is on call each week (so each team member gets a day but the day of the week isn't the same ).

Is this possible to do? My thought was to rotate 5 separate weekly schedules (where i change the order of the team members) but I don't see a way to indefinitely rotate 5 schedules - it looks like i would have to create 52 weekly schedules every year unless I'm hopefully missing something in the schedule configuration :) 

Is there an easier/better way to accomplish what i want to do? 

Any thoughts or advice? Thanks in advance! 


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Andrew Laden
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June 8, 2023

You can do this with escalations and restricted time periods. I'll try to explain

1: Create schedule called "staff rotation" Have your 5 members in the rotation. use a daily rotation, but restrict to time intervals so only 6 days are included (6 days, not 5, Sunday-Friday)). This will handle the rotating of the users so that a different user is on each Sunday. (dont worry about the person listed on friday, Nothing will ever actually be sent on friday so it doesnt matter)

2: Create an escalation called "5 day escalation" with the only escalation rule being to notify the on call user in "Staff rotation" (or add any other escalations you want after that.)

3: Now crate a new schedule called "5 day schedule". The only member of that rotation should be "5 day escalation" And restrict it to the time period for the 5 days you want people to be on call. (sunday to thursday) 

4: Create a new escalation called "Real Escalation" With the instruction to route to the on-call of "5 day schedule"

4: Finally, in your routing rules, route to the "Real Escalation".

(technically you could skip 4 and route to the 5 day schedule directly, but OG prefers routing to escalations, not schedules) 

Alert comes in, it routes to the Real escalation, which routes to the 5 day schedule. If it outside the time period, nothing happens, (so your friday person isnt bothered)

If it is in the time period, the 5 day schedule routes to the 5 day escalation. The 5 day escalation looks to see who is on call for the staff rotation. and sends it to them.

Hope I explained it ok.

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Ece Akturk June 8, 2023

To make this slightly more complicated our weeks run from sunday-thursday because the teams are in Israel so I have to have a separate Sunday and Monday-Thursday rotation for each week (because I can't assign someone to the same week twice).

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