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Tip: Utilizing Keyboard Shortcuts for Enhanced Productivity

Jamie Edmondson August 14, 2023

Jira offers a wide range of keyboard shortcuts that many users might not be aware of. These shortcuts can significantly speed up navigation and common tasks, making your day-to-day work more efficient.

Example: Quick Issue Creation with 'c'

Need to create a new issue quickly? Instead of navigating through menus or buttons, simply press 'c' on your keyboard when you're on the board or in a project, and the "Create Issue" dialog will appear instantly.

Additional Useful Shortcuts:

  • Navigate Through Issues: Use 'j' and 'k' to move down and up through a list of issues, respectively.
  • Comment on an Issue: Select an issue and press 'm' to add a comment.
  • Assign an Issue: Select an issue and press 'a' to change the assignee.
  • Quick Search: Press '/' to jump to the search bar at any time.

Why It's Useful:

  • Speed: Keyboard shortcuts can make common tasks much faster, reducing the number of clicks and mouse movements needed
  • Ease of Use: Once you get used to these shortcuts, you'll find them natural and intuitive.
  • Customization: In some Jira instances, administrators can customize keyboard shortcuts, allowing teams to tailor them to their specific needs and workflows.

How to Learn More:

You can see a full list of keyboard shortcuts available to you by simply pressing '?' on your keyboard while in Jira.



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