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Wade Henderson August 5, 2020

I found this article in the Jira KB, which is very simple and clear 


Problem is, it does not represent the options I am presented with.


Annotation 2020-08-05 193357.png

The KB says

To archive a project: 

  1. Choose Projects > View all projects.
  2. Find your project and select ••• > Archive. A confirmation dialog appears.
  3. Click Archive.

Do you see the Archive option? I don't

Please assist.



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Deleted user August 5, 2020

Hi @Wade Henderson  looking at the link that you pasted here I can tell that is related to Jira Cloud. And if you are looking to archive your projects in Jira Server then I don't think there is such option available of archiving projects in Jira server. There was a request/suggestion to add this feature in the past but I believe they did not go ahead with the request.

See below 

Wade Henderson August 6, 2020

So the only option is to delete the project then. I was hoping to use one of my projects as a template. Looks like this is not possible.

Patricia Francezi
Community Leader
Community Leader
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August 11, 2020

@Wade Henderson Project Archiving is a Premium feature, that maybe ther reason why you cant see the option.

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