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Development Team to/and QA Team Work Statuses

Andrew Q_ February 12, 2020


Is there a way to automatically set statuses on defined triggers?

First of all I would like to have the following setup:

DevTeam Status - A, B, C, D
QA Status - E, F, G


I have a DevTeam working on issues with the following statuses:

Step 1. Backlog (A)
Step 2. To Do (B)
Step 3. In Progress (C)
Step 4. Done (D)

And I have a QA Team working on issues with the following statues:

Step 1. QA To Do (E)
Step 2. QA In Progress (F)
Step 3. QA Done (G)

Now what I would like to happen is that every time an issue is set to "Step 4. Done", it will automatically be set to "Step 1. QA To Do".

I decided to separate DevTeam from QA Team because I cannot edit the underlying ultimate value of status categories (to do, in progress and done). So, my current problem is every time a DevTeam work is done (Step. 4 Done (D)), Jira sees it as "Done" based on the Status Category, however looking bird's eye view on the project, it is not yet done because work will just begin on the QA Side (Step 1. QA To Do (E)).


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Zoryana Bohutska _SaaSJet_
Marketplace Partner
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February 13, 2020

Hi @Andrew Q_ 

In this post was discussed how to automatically assign the issue to QA team

Looks like it requires an application like Automation for Jira by Atlassian (it for server version).

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