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AI-Powered JIRA: Revolutionizing Project Management

Akash Gupta
Community Leader
Community Leader
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September 7, 2023

In an era of technological transformation, how is AI reshaping the landscape of project management within JIRA? Share your insights, experiences, and questions about the fusion of Artificial Intelligence with JIRA. Explore AI-driven features like predictive analytics, automated issue triaging, smart reporting, and more. Discuss the benefits, challenges, and potential of AI-enhanced project management in JIRA. What AI integrations or features would you like to see in JIRA to streamline your workflows further?

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Pablo Beltran _Marketplace Expert_ November 17, 2023

We have success in integrating AI with Jira for data insights.

The big challenge was how to fine tune AI models. You need a lot of pairs: query-response records to create a  large JSONL dataset, and deal with the hallucinations headache.

In our case, we developed a layer to isolate AI models from specific Jira data.

That had be done in a structured way that AI could understand and repeat, so we chose SQL.

Most AI models know how to write SQL queries, so de problem was reduced to write a SQL layer for Jira Cloud and use SQL to fine tune AI models.

This is the result of our R&D task. Search for "Ask Jira" on he Marketplace for proof of concept.

IMO, it is worth giving it a try.

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