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Simple but yet little changeling automations Rules

Simple but yet little changeling automations Rules

Here are three simple yet slightly challenging automations that I was able to address in the community.. which can be helpful for you.

  1. How to close a linked issue when an issue is closed using automation?

This automation operates by checking for linked issue types when a ticket is transitioned to the "done" column. If the linked issue type is "clones," it will then move the parent issue to the "done" column.



2.Automation for emails

The following automation rule works when an issue is updated. It will send an email to the email address present in the custom field. I have set the trigger as "issue updated." You can change the trigger as per your needs. In the action, I have chosen "send email," and in the "to" address, I have given the smart value so it will copy the field value. The smart value goes by {{issue.CustomField}}. I created a custom field as external email, so my smart value goes by {{issue.externalEmail}}.


You have the flexibility to modify the content according to your requirements and leverage smart values for automatically populating fields such as the issue summary. By clicking on the two curly braces in the lower right corner of the content, a sidebar explaining smart values will appear, providing helpful guidance on utilizing these values effectively.


This is one way to utilize the custom field for sending emails to external email addresses. I have selected "issue updated" as a trigger, but if that doesn't meet your requirements, you can modify the trigger accordingly.


3.Epic is in Done and a new issue is added to it, transition the status of the Epic back to Implement

The automation is triggered whenever the issue parent field undergoes an update. In such cases, the automation will verify if the epic associated with it is closed. If the epic is indeed closed, then the automation will proceed to reopen it.


You can select what status to want the epic to transitioned, I have given to backlog  



Thank you.

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