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Approving emails that can submit tickets

Kimi Nakashima November 14, 2019

We are using Jira Service Desk Cloud and we have a customer, company EX, that wants to limit who from their company can submit tickets. Limiting access to the customer portal is no problem, but anyone can send an email to our Jira email address and it will create a ticket. Company EX has a list of approved email addressed that we currently have grouped together in the Organization EX and we use that to create a queue specifically for their tickets that filters out any tickets not from someone in their Organization.

Recently we had someone from their domain create a ticket by email who was not listed in their Organization. Someone in our group started work on it before the sender was approved. It didn't end up being a big deal since company EX was in the process of sending us a new batch of people that needed to be added and he was one of them. But we want to catch this before it happens with someone who is not approved. Is there a way in Jira to send company EX an email if someone from their domain, who is not a part of their Organization, emails a request? Doing it manually obviously is not a good, long term solution.


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Dhananjay Kumar October 20, 2022

Hi Kimi, You can go to project permission and edit the permission scheme of that project. For creating ticket, you can specify any group, or role. Instead of Public, or any user. 

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