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Luis R
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May 2, 2024

Hi there; Our company implemented Jira a couple years ago to track all the tickets and scalations for different departments in our organization. In our specific team (desktop support) we receive different kinds of tickets, some are for Equipment troubleshooting, Equipment delivery, projects, consultations or simple call support among others.

Since all this different tickets (40+ sometimes) come in to the same queue for each tech it is very difficult to get them organized on to different categories or priorities since non of us knows Jira coding.

I was wondering is there is a templet we can implement to get all this tickets categorized, color coded or grouped so I don't have to open 4 browsers+tabs with different types of tickets every day to organize them.

Also, some of the Equipment deployment has some sub-tasks on them that would be very convenient to have them nested under the main ticket instead of mixed with all the others. 

Thank you very much for your time


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Hannes Obweger - JXL for Jira
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May 2, 2024

Hi @Luis R

welcome to the community!

I can't really think of a built-in view that would do the things you're looking for. If you're on Jira Cloud, you might get some of it in Jira's new list view, but I haven't used it myself. 

Alternatively, If you're open to solutions from the Atlassian Marketplace, you'll find some good options there. E.g., I think you'd really like the app that my team and I are working on, JXL for Jira.

JXL is a full-fledged spreadsheet/table view for your issues that allows viewing, inline-editing, sorting, and filtering by all your issue fields, much like you’d do in e.g. Excel or Google Sheets. It also comes with a number of advanced features, including support for (configurable) issue hierarchies, issue grouping by any issue field(s), sum-ups, or conditional formatting. With these, you can build a view like e.g. this in just a couple of clicks:


This is really just one of a virtually endless number of possible views and reports: You can also view, group by, and sum up any other issue fields, configure different sum up styles and conditional formatting rules, etc. etc.

Any questions just let me know,



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Amay Purohit_RVS
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May 6, 2024

Hi @Luis R 


Welcome to the community !!

If you would be interested in an add-on for this need, you can try out our plugin.

Issue Hierarchy 

The app shows your issue hierarchy in a tree view and the ability to add all your jira columns in the report, plus you will be add the app as a dashboard gadget too.

The app has multiple other features which are very useful in project tracking and management.

(Disclaimer: I work on RVS, the vendor for this app)

Epic Hierarchy - Gadget - Summary.PNG

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Darren Ching May 5, 2024

Hi @Luis R !

Adding to what Hannes shared above, Jira’s new list view is able to show certain issue types by filtering, but doing so flattens the list’s nested view. To my knowledge there isn’t currently a way to display all issues in a grouped manner, by type or priority, while showing their nested sub-tasks. JXL offers a very elegant way of doing this as Hannes showed and it’s a fantastic app.

If you are open to Marketplace solutions, consider checking out Hierarchy for Jira too. It’s an app my team and I work on to visualise issues and relationships/dependencies in a nested tree view. This is how it might look for your support desk when you group by priority/issue type:


You can also filter your view to show only certain ticket types like Equipment troubleshooting, delivery, etc. with very simple JQL one-liners, like what I did above to show only Initiatives & Epics.

If you have questions, just fire them away. Hope the alternatives here are easier to work with than constantly switching between multiple tabs!

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