Integration Jira and Zendesk not working

Marsel Achkelyamov December 5, 2019

Hello. When you try to integrate Jira with zendesk. We have the following error:
Authentications failed due to signature expiration
Please make shure your system clock is accurate. Or contact zendesk support dor help.

After the error, integration seems to work. but there is still no way to link any tasks.

We've already communicated with the technical support of zendesk. They say that it is necessary to check the time.

Time we checked. It's fine.

Also searched on forums, which said about the need to add certain ip to the whitelist.
It didn't help us either.

Have you encountered such a mistake? If so, please list all sorts of options that we should check.

Thank you.

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Jason Huang May 13, 2024

Hi @Marsel Achkelyamov ,

Have you resolved this issue?

If yes, could you please share how did you resolve it?



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