Changing the Dashboard Owner is not working

marius.erlenbruch July 28, 2020


we recognized that some of our Shared Dashboards (over 30...)are visible to anyone. I wanted to change this as quickly as possible.

First question:
Is there any way to do it without clicking around in the settings? So by any type of scripting for example.

Second question:
I started to manually change the sharing permissions of the board and it worked for one board. On the second board I already got an error. I need to become the owner of the board first before I can change the sharing settings. But I cannot become the owner of the board because I need to change the sharing settings first - that is was the screenshot says (I don't know if I should cry or laugh ^^). The user that has created the board has left the company years ago. So there is no chance to re-use this account.

Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 09.49.41.png

I appreciate any ideas and help on this topic!




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marius.erlenbruch July 30, 2020

I found the solution. The problem was that the "Allow sharing filters/dashboards with anyone on the web" option in the Jira System settings was set to off. After enabling it, I was able to change the owner of the Dashboard.

Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 11.34.34.png

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Ilze Schoeman July 28, 2020

Is the user who owns the filter still activated? If not just follow the search filter results - and create an identical one, but limit it. Then change the dashboard to point to the new, secure search filter

marius.erlenbruch July 28, 2020

The user is not activated. You are right, this should work. Thank you!
Unfortunately it will be a lot of work for all those other boards that I need to change :/

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