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Tips & Tricks for Hosting An Atlassian User Group


I'm seeking to soon start an Atlassian User Group (AUG) and wanted to elicit some pointers from other AUG hosts and participants. Please share feedback on what works and doesn't for your groups. What topics are most helpful to discuss? Which applications do attendees have the most experience with? Which venues obtain the largest attendance? Feel free to add suggestions or ask questions that can help any of us host successful groups. 


There are plenty of AUG Leaders who can help answer this question. @Susan Hauth _Jira Queen_@Eaniel Deads and @BillyP to name a few!

Monique vdB Community Manager Feb 05, 2018

Also paging @Justin....

BillyP Community Leader Feb 05, 2018

Woot woot!  

If this is the first ever meetup, perhaps the main thing to focus on is having a social event to see what people want to talk about.     Maybe do a little bit with a partner on the event, basic topics like Jira, Jira Service Desk and ask lots of questions.

BillyP Community Leader Feb 05, 2018

+1 to a simple social event.  
Making a big deal out of sticking to a agenda or staying 'on topic' can be daunting.  :)

Thanks for the feedback - I like both ideas. A social event with a slight agenda to keep us on target (intros, ice breakers, sharing Atlassian experiences)

1. Provide My Name Is labels and pens

2. Venues that are inside interesting companies bring more vistors

3. Make sure the toilets don't need a key or access badge to get to

4. Make sure there is plenty of time for talking to each other. Encourage it somehow

5. The content is what attracts people but it's the contacts that keep them coming back

And schwag is useful!

Admins always like guidance about "what use is this feature?" beyond "what does this button do?"

And also, what should I not do, and how can I help Jira and Confluence scale

Like Kim Paulson likes this

Perfect - great feedback!!

Go kick your local partner solution providers, many of them are happy to be invited and provide speakers to talk about their products, or more importantly, experiences.  They often provide swag (and beer)

Thanks a bunch Fabian! Remote speakers will definitely help our group for future events considering we're in a region that many don't like to visit. 

Looking forward to Part III.

BillyP Community Leader Feb 05, 2018
  • Events in the evenings with adult beverages are a nice way,
  • to let people cool off from a long and tiresome day. 


  • Fun ideas and stories to share help everyone learn, 
  • Jokes about JIRA tickets and +1 karma you'll earn!


I'd keep going with the rhymes if I had more times,

but I'm really hungry for my orange... :)


We're part of your community and we're here to help.  I ping'd you on #stride we can chat more there or keep the conversation going #here.  

Things that are boring and don't work:  (anything that you wouldn't want to attend yourself)

- Strict Agenda

-Choosing sides on a subjective argument

-Serving only vegetables and no dip.  I mean, carrots are cool, but after a long day of work, I need some Ranch...


What works:

Light easy, flowing conversation and topics.  Utilize small groups 3-7 people, and ask a question like 'How do you deal with Story Points, do you link them directly to hours or use them as estimates?'  See where the group goes from there.  

Introduce yourself to one person and then walk that person to another spot and introduce them as the expert in 'cool jokes about weather'.  If they say they are not, reference Confluence saying 'but that's what I read on Confluence'.  :)

Get started with a quick hand raising to see who's used which of the systems before?  If everyone is new, start with the basics.  If it's a crowd of diverse experiences, make sure you ask for their help in answering questions.  

Also, make sure everyone has a good time and guacamole goes with everything!

Thanks a bunch - this is all very helpful. How long are events on average? I scheduled a 2 hour social for the first event.  

BillyP Community Leader Feb 07, 2018

Good call!  These are a great way to build the community!  

Hey @LeKisha Boswell,

how did your first event go? 

You can also try reaching out to our Sydney leader @Jovanka Pesika!




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