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How about keeping up with recent KB article updates?

Hi Community!

This is a kind of survey, really. Please comment below! πŸ˜‰

I'd like to know if you Admins would regularly visit, if available, a page that'd list all recently updated KB articles.

Like this example:


That's quite simple to do β€” what's tricky is to distinguish between Cloud and Server/DC articles up front (inside each article there are notes about the product type).

So, summarizing:

  1. Would you visit this page often? (bookmarked and all)
  2. Would it be useful to you if Cloud and Server/DC articles would appear all together, or would you only use if there were separate pages for Cloud and Server/DC?


Cheers! πŸ»


Dave Liao Community Leader May 12, 2021

I wouldn't visit this since there's SO much KB content out there.

Okay, maybe I'd visit if I was bored. πŸ˜‰

Curious what others think!

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Tom Lister Community Leader May 12, 2021

Hi @Rodrigo Martinez 

usually I would be searching for articles  based on current interests/work

But this might lead me to look at features I’m not aware of.


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Indeed, @Tom Lister

It was meant to be something Admins could quickly πŸ‘€ and keep up-to-date with the many how-to articles.

These "recently created" KBs list was something we started bringing into weekly support meetings here and we thought maybe the Community could benefit from. It's just a POC/MVP πŸ˜‰ (also, the pages published here are monthly updates)


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Sounds very useful, and I'd prefer that it be split between Cloud and Datacenter.  After all, very few of us will have both. :)

I'd expect that putting a watch on the page to get the updates would be nice.

Can you lock the comments on the page, so we don't get the spam/advertisement junk triggering notifications?

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@John Dunkelberg 

The page would be available through the Scroll Viewport app, so no comments would be allowed. Is that what you referred to?

I believe comments on KBs were only available before Atlassian made use of the viewport, when everybody would just see the KBs through Confluence's "editor interface".


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Sounds good @Rodrigo Martinez .  I guess I'm just tired of deleting emails from spammy notifications on community topics. :)

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Ohh you talking about this here thread? ehm... the point was actually that many people would reply here! πŸ˜…

You can scroll back to right below the post above and click on the "πŸ‘οΈ Watching" button so to unwatch the topic and stop the spamming, maybe. :)

That "recently updated KB" page would not spam notifications as it's just a Confluence macro. The content would be updated without the page being updated itself... though a workaround is for someone (me?) to keep updating the page on a monthly basis with the "KBs updated this previous month". πŸ€”

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Sorry, to be clear I meant more of advertising spam, not noisy but on-topic messages.

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Update! πŸ“£

It's still kind of a POC, but gets the work done πŸ˜‰

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Daniel Ebers Community Leader May 17, 2021

I really like the idea. It shows that there is activity in updating the knowledge base, also the initiative itself shows Atlassian is caring for the content.

For the content itself I am with @Dave Liao - it would have to be that a specific updated content is of personal interest or offers something new to explore, which is totally fine!
I just suspect that in the feed there will be something specific I would be looking for the given day (but who knows ... :) - in general a very good idea!

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Thanks for chiming in, @Daniel Ebers !

Yeah, it was meant as a "recent highlights" stuff. Something to quickly lay your eyes on and maybe something'll stick to your mind for when you come across similar issues. smile

Anyway, it's a POC/MVP, so let's see how really useful this is!


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