In Jira, yes you can!! Run multiple (parallel) Sprints in the same Jira project

As an Agile/Jira Specialist, I often get asked if something can be done in Jira. I will be writing 'In Jira, yes you can series' to share the use cases and solutions. Hope the Agile/Jira community find these helpful! 


Use Case: A product delivery has multiple independent teams (working on either the same project/different projects, BAU stream etc), how do I run parallel Sprints and also get a view of everything that is delivered for that project. 


Solution steps:

1) Enable parallel sprints (Need Administer Jira Global permission)

2) Create Sprints In the Jira project, create Sprint Names, so they identify the groups and durations. In the below example, we have 2 teams Mobile and SalesForce. 

Mob Sprint 1 - Jun 3 - Jun 14 

Mob Sprint 2 - Jun 17-Jun 28 

Mob Sprint 3 - Jul 1- Jul 12 

SF Sprint 1 - Jun 3 - Jun 14 

SF Sprint 2 - Jun 17-Jun 28 

SF Sprint 3 - Jul 1- Jul 12

3) Create two Sprint boards (use board filter JQLs that can filter out the Jira issues using components/EPICs etc for each board, specific to the team). 

4) The teams will be agnostic to multiple Sprints and will help focus on the specific board. 

5) If you need to bring all the delivery in one view, create additional Kanban board filtered by swimlanes (by EPICs, Component etc) to view all work occurring for that product.  



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