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Here we know how a sprint is shared between different projects.

I created 2 Scrum projects :

1. First Demo Scrum Project (FDSP)

2. Second Demo Scrum Project (SDSP).

Whenever we create a scrum project, By default a new board is created and shared to all users who have "Browse Projects" permission.

Here 2 boards are created for these two projects as below.

FDSP Scrum Board


This project has one issue (FDSP-1).



This board is only showing issues only from "FDSP" and viewable by only "FDSP" project users only because of board filter query restrictions.


SDSP Scrum Board:


This Project has 2 issues (SDSP-1, SDSP-2).




This board is only showing issues only from "SDSP" and viewable by only "SDSP" project users only because of board filter query restrictions.


Our goal is to, show all the project items must be shown in a single sprint.

To achieve this we have to create a board, which can able to display all the two projects issues on a single board.

I Created a filter for the board as below.


The above filter has displayed all issues from "FDSP" and "SDSP" projects.

Now sharing this filter for all the 2 project users, which can enable to see all issues from 2 different projects.


Now Creating a New scrum Board which is helpful to display all issues under a common sprint / Backlog.

1. Your Work --> View all boards --> create  board


2. Choose "Create a scrum board".



Example details how to create a board for common usage.


Now the newly created scrum board "Common Sprint Board" was displaying issues from "FDSP" and "SDSP" projects.

A Sprint is created .


Now, I'm able to add issues to sprint (Common Sprint 1) from both projects.


Like this wise, we can share a sprint with multiple projects by customizing the board filter query.



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Rafael Corredor August 4, 2021

Obviously, both projects should use the same workflow, or at least to have common statuses to be used as board columns.  In any other case, issues drag&drop will be a mesh.

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