How to Filter Issues by Epic in Jira: A Comprehensive Guide

Efficiently managing and tracking progress in Jira often requires sorting issues based on various criteria. One common requirement is to filter issues by their associated epic. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish this, ensuring you can effectively manage your project's workflow.


  • Click on “Issues” in the top menu.
  • Choose the advanced JQL search modes
  • In the search bar of the , type the query to filter issues by a specific epic. For example: "Epic Link" = EPIC-KEY, where EPIC-KEY is the identifier of your epic.
  • You can refine the search by adding more criteria, such as status, assignee, or due dates. For instance, "Epic Link" = EPIC-KEY AND status = "In Progress".
  • Once you have the desired results, you can save this search as a filter for future use.

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Filter issues on the timeline

If you are working with the timeline view and want to streamline your work with epics, then check out some Planyway features.


As soon as Planyway visualizes all Jira issues by default, you can use Planyway filters to have only epics visible.

 Feature image

The other option is to group your timeline by epics which is super helpful when you want to see which issues are linked to certain epics.

Feature image

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Alejandro Acevedo February 26, 2024

Hello, I am trying to obtain issues from Epics with due date major to 20 days after or major that this, but the filter is applying the filter to the issue due date instead of the epic due date. Do you know a form to apply this search.


project in (POR22987) AND due >= -20d AND (issuetype = Milestone OR issuetype = Task) AND (Summary ~ "Development" OR Summary ~ UAT OR Summary ~ "Go Live") ORDER BY parent DESC


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