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Do more (in less time) with list view and exports

Hi Folks,

One of the top customer requests in the issue navigator was the ability to view your data in a table or tabular format. Our new list view, available in both next-gen and classic project templates, helps you get an overview of all the issues in your project in a simple table that can be easily filtered, sorted, and exported. Read on to see what this new functionality allows you to do (better) that you couldn’t do before.



Review multiple issues in list view


Select Switch to list view at the top right corner of the issue navigator to work with multiple issues at the same time. With list view, you can:

  • Use powerful filters — Refine your search results further with filters like assignee, reporter status, and much more.

  • Sort the list — By default, issues are sorted by their creation date. You can now sort them by their status, priority, and much more.

  • Work with individual issues — Dig deeper into issues by selecting an issue’s summary or key to open the full issue view.


Work with your issues outside of Jira with exports




With Export issues, you can work on your issues beyond your Jira project:

  • Export issues in various formats — CSV, HTML, DOC, RSS, and XML - take your pick to export your issues.

  • Create dashboard gadgets in a jiffy — Turn your search results into gadgets right from the issue navigator.

  • Print the details of the issues — If you’re tired of looking at the screen and your eyes hurt, we got you covered! You can now print the details of your issues in a jiffy.

Our team worked hard to deliver the features that you asked for before the end of the year. Although 2020 may be coming to an end, our journey to improve search in Jira is only just beginning. Stay tuned, and follow our updates on the new things to come in 2021. 



When will my project get the new features?

List view is being progressively rolled out to all users throughout the second part of December 2020.

How can I stay updated on what’s coming next?

We’ve set up a public Jira issue that you can watch to follow the progress of the cool changes we are making to issue search in Jira.

I've got suggestions or questions, how can I provide feedback?

Great! Just leave a comment on this page.

Don’t quite remember what it was? No worries. Next time you are using the issue navigator just click on the “Give feedback“ button and tell us what you think in the heat of the moment.


@Yerbol Nisanbayev 

great work I saw yesterday by chance this new feature, I find it very useful. Definitely saves time and also a lot of JQL filters for a number of operations that is "natural" to do finally now with this new feature.

Hi @Yerbol Nisanbayev ,

That's great! Thanks for sharing!

@Calogero Kalos Bonasia  thank you for your feedback, I am glad this is useful for you. Saving time and helping our users be more efficient at their work is one of the biggest drivers behind improving search in Jira, so I am glad we've hit the spot there.

Soumyadeep Mandal , always happy to share the latest!

@Yerbol Nisanbayev  Thank you for sharing this information.


Thanks for this information.  Why not just make JQL an actual SQL instead, eliminating most of the problems with searching that require customers to purchase add-ons or export to other tools for advanced analysis?

Best regards,


Hi @Bill Sheboy 

Thank you for your questions. Here are some of the reasons why we think JQL provides more value for our customers vs SQL. # Complexity of Data. With SQL one would need to know the specific structure of how  data is stored in Jira. The data structure  is complex, very complex. JQL simplifies and abstracts the structure of underlying data into terms that users can readily understand(Issue types, projects etc)

  1. Complexity of SQL. It would be much harder to learn working with SQL vs JQL due to intrinsic complexity of SQL. JQL syntax is focused on Jira, which lets us simplify the language and only leave operators that are specific for Jira.
  2. Performance.JQL is built in a way that it optimizes how search queries are run against Jira. With SQL there is a risk of running inefficient queries that could introduce unnecessary load on the database.
  3. Security. Ability to write SQL directly could expose your data to SQL injection and permission model bypass attacks.

With all that said, JQL is a very much alive entity and it is changing and evolving together with the needs of our customers.




Like nagyalex likes this

@Yerbol Nisanbayev thanks for your thoughts, and please consider that JQL could be made more SQL-like (and feature enhanced) without losses in some of the noted risk areas.

Complexity: there appears to already be an alias parser for JQL to the implementation naming of entity/attribute naming, so no improvements needed there.  It is the other structures (joins, nested sub-queries, grouping, counting, etc.) that could add value without significant increase in complexity for customers who do not want to use those features.

Performance: add-ons like ScriptRunner seem to indicate there are additions possible and limitations to syntax that do not negatively impact performance, even with things such as nested queries and join-proxy structures

Security: perhaps my suggestion was unclear, as I wondered why JQL couldn't be more like SQL, not a SQL running against the database itself.  JQL already appears to protect against some of the attack vectors you note, so it is unlikely those would be removed.

Thanks again for your discussion ideas and improvements to the product.

Like Esther Strom _ACP-JA_ likes this
Taranjeet Singh Community Leader Jan 14, 2021

That's great! List View is really very useful for scanning and exporting multiple issues, at once. 

Thanks for sharing, @Yerbol Nisanbayev !

@Yerbol Nisanbayev It is an addition that is appreciated but the greatest thing of all would the ability to edit in the list view. I add a field and change line without leaving the table. Because opening and closing the individual issues is the time consuming part. A bulk edit does not help nor does export and import: both are a lot of clicks and page loads. Exactly the thing that slows this down.

Love the Create Dashboard Gadget export option. One suggested improvement would be; When naming the filter, it would be great if you were prompted to (and given the option) to set the permissions at that point. Otherwise, unless you already have (which means you have already named and saved the filter) it will Private and then you need to navigate back to the filter to edit the details.

Great, looks like it can be very useful, particularly for PO's wishing to review the backlog.

Question: why in my view of this are stories not considered standard issue types in the check boxes for that issue list but they show if you select the standard issue type specific check box?

dropdown oddity.PNG

@Péter BOHÁCS thank you for your input, we are working on inline editing for the list view. Stay posted with the updates here 

@Curt Holley , awesome suggestion, thank you. We are planning to implement this for the future filter saving ability, for filters from gadgets - we will make sure to cover that base as well.

@Warren Turner thank you for bringing this up. In the list you see 5 most used issue types for your project. if you would like to select the "story" issue type, you can search for it. With that said, in the next release in Feb.2021, we will add an ability to see the full list of issue types and all other filters, without a need for searching. 


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