Debunking 4 Cloud Myths


Cloud is named to be the new platform to be on. The market leader Atlassian is emphasizing on it with the announcement about the end of life for Server in 2021. But in the last few years Server and Data Center instances became more and more popular in organizations and created myths about Cloud, which will have to be debunked.

1. Cloud ≠ Security

Data security is a key role in organizations. It is ensuring the safe and controlled storage of business key figures – by defining technical measures for access and disclosure. Data security is concerned with personalized data and other key figures like profit etc.

It is wrongly said that Cloud products can not assure data security, because users work on the same platform. The reality is oftentimes looking like this: Responsible employees in companies are unable to keep up with data safety issues in Server and Data Center instances, due to a lack of resources. Not every company has a designated data protection officer, with the needed knowledge base. But in self-hosted instances you as a hoster are responsible for data security, not Atlassian. By trusting in Cloud products, you trust in experts. Atlassian’s Cloud is developed to a point, where data safety is ensured. How? By zero-trust approaches for data storage. Part of it is encryption in transit and in rest, made possible by public networks with TLS and industry-standard full disk AES-256. Furthermore, the new Cloud Enterprise Plan allows you to choose your data residency.

2. Cloud ≠ Enterprises

Actonic, as well as Atlassian, has many enterprise customers. Especially enterprises believe that Cloud is not the right choice. Responsible for this myth are restrictions in availability and customizability in the past. But today’s Cloud version is supporting enterprise customer’s needs, by growing with your business. Cloud is offering powerful individual configuration options and infrastructures. The difference to Server does not lay in the possibilities, but in how to pursue them.

With Cloud, you allow your business and users to adapt step by step to changes and perform better, due to slower introductions. Embrace agility with simultaneous growth of your Cloud and your teams.

3. Cloud ≠ App diversity

The most common myth about Cloud is the missing and low-quality offering of apps in the Atlassian Marketplace. But to be precise: Atlassian is recording more than 1.000 Cloud apps, containing the most popular Server apps. This number is supposed to grow even more with the end of Server in 2021. Even if Cloud apps do not appear to be suiting for your needs in the first place, individual customizations through partners like Actonic make Cloud apps available for you. Atlassian itself is offering free migration tools and assistants for Cloud products and apps, to allow easy migration.

4. Cloud ≠ Performance

Cloud is not staying behind other platforms when it comes to performance and updates. The powerful Cloud provider AWS is ensuring performance with centers in the US, Germany, Ireland, Singapore and Australia. By handing over control and responsibility to an external hosting provider and professional IT specialists, you do not handle downtimes by yourself, you save costs, reduce support tickets and are financially backed-up with premium or enterprise Cloud plans. Having control over instances is not always ensuring performance: the opposite could be the case. By using Cloud, you are furthermore always up to date, since Cloud is always on track with the newest patches and updates without your manual activation.

Learn more about Actonic products for Cloud and unfold your potential!


Soumyadeep Mandal
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December 20, 2020

Hi @Andrei Pisklenov _Actonic_ ,

That's great! Thanks for sharing!

Kesha Thill
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March 8, 2021

this is great info! One additional point to add regarding data residency is that we recently announced that data residency will be included in our Standard and Premium cloud plans later this year, in addition to our Enterprise plan! To learn more and sign up for updates, visit our page here. You can also view our documentation to learn more about how it works and what data is covered.

To see what else we're working (like additional geographies and functionality) related to data residency, visit our cloud roadmap here


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