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Antoine _Klee Group_ February 26, 2024


I am deloying BigGantt for following my team's work.

The domain we work on is not IT but chemistry so in addition to human ressources, we also have to handle specific materials/tools/machines.

I guess you see me coming. With BigGantt, I can easily track and build a capacity planning for my teammates, but, unless I create an account for each physical asset needed to perform the task (and even there that would be quite difficult to handle), I have no mean of tracking the usage of those different assets to check if they do not overlap.

I would like to be able to extract some sort of schedule for each of this asset.

Would you know any tool that allows to do such thing in Jira?

I did not find anything fulfilling my need.


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Yuliia Hushcha _Reliex_ February 26, 2024

Hi @Antoine _Klee Group_ 

In ActivityTimeline you can manage not only your Jira users but also create custom resources that should not necessarily be represented as a Jira User.

Resources can be used to plan & manage non-human resources, like rooms, equipment, etc, as well as represent potential new employees or to show a need for additional resources.


You can choose a name for the resource, assign Position, Skill & Tags, which essentially work as qualities of the resource and the position usually represent the type of the resource (e.g. Equipment, Potential Employee, etc). 

If you have any questions or feel like trying out a free demo session would be helpful, we'd love to set that up for you! Just let us know.


Antoine _Klee Group_ March 4, 2024

Hi @Yuliia Hushcha _Reliex_  thanks, it seems interesting, I gave it a small try. How to "assign" tasks to ressources tho? I always have an error saying "Jira issue cannot be scheduled and assigned to a Resource."

Is it possible to extract a planing for said ressources?

Is it possible to assign an issue to several ressources? (though in that case I think I might switch to subtasks).

Yuliia Hushcha _Reliex_ March 5, 2024

Hi @Antoine _Klee Group_ 

You can only assign custom events to Resources, Jira issues can only be assigned to users & teams in ActivityTimeline. 

You can schedule the meeting and we will show you how to do that:) 

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