JIRA CSV Importer - Import Bulleted List Into the Description

Kelly Beard June 13, 2017

I have a project that I am importing into JIRA.  I am using the CSV importer.

Most of the issues have a bullted list in the description.  I am using the wiki renderer for the Description field but the bullets appear as "*"  If I copy the field after the import it renders correctly as a bullted list.

Here is a snippet of the data in the field:

Done when:\\
* New page named 'List' is created\\
* Select attributes of item are displayed:\\

Any trick to make this appear as a list when going through the CSV Importer?


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Kelly Beard June 28, 2017

If anyone comes across this same error.

It was resolved by the following:

When you are importing the CSV the third screen of the import process is titled "Map fields".

On this page you map the CSV field to the JIRA field, and there is additionally a checkbox for Map field value.

The checkbox should not be checked for the fields that are having the issue. With this unchecked we are able to import your csv file and have proper formatting of the lists.

Kishore Nair June 26, 2018

Thanks so much for this post. Saved us a bunch of work.

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Sachin Aralikatti August 17, 2018

Perfect. Worked for me as well. Saved a load of manual effort. Thanks.


Although I do not understand yet the entire purpose and functional use of those checkboxes!!!

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Mitchell Evans October 22, 2018

Does this also work for things like bolding/italicizing/underlining text (e.g., *example 1* should display in bold font) ? 

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Jayesh Vaishnav April 2, 2020

you saved my time :)

Harish Gunturu November 10, 2020

Kelly, Thanks so much!!

Constanze Schmidt February 3, 2021

Awesome, Kelly!!!  Made my day :-). You should get an award for this...

David Leach March 15, 2024

I recommend that you add this clarification/answer to your actual documents. 


Not sure if there is a better place but while search in how to do csv import I found this link to your docs:



Didn't have this bit in it. Would be hugely useful to keep all this information in a central place.

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