How to control export to CSV (current fields) fields

Sharon Cohen-Ofir July 2, 2018

IT seems to ignore the on-screen fields and just export whatever he wants.. .

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Angela Sadul July 22, 2020

Actually, for mine, I need to set Columns to "My defaults" (NOT Filter) -- whatever is selected under "My Defaults" appears in the exported file. Doesn't matter what I have in the Filter option.


Lorenzo Petrone April 25, 2022

This did it for me! 👌

Nika Allahverdi February 22, 2024

Thank you! 📌

Bill Filler
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March 19, 2024

How do you navigate to this UI to set "My Defaults"? I am on the Sprint Reports -> View In Navigator page and attempting to "Export to CSV (my default)" and I want to change what my defaults are. But I can't find this in the UI. Please help!!

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Sharon Cohen-Ofir July 4, 2018

I found the solution... trivial actually.... export is using the field selected in the filter tab rather than the fields that are displayed (columns --> Filter tab on the top right hand side , see below screenshot



Mateja Jermanis September 22, 2023

Hi @Sharon Cohen-Ofir I dont have the filter option? mine just shows this:


Thus, i do not have the option to export to current fields. Anyone had the same problem? 

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Shelly Singh October 10, 2023

I dont have the option listed for 'Current Fields'  only All fields 

any solution on fixing/adding this? 

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Jeff Abbott June 16, 2020

The same issue is described last year on this page: 

I have to set the default column view to "Filter" and leave it there for the account I use to download the issues.

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Atiq Ahmed March 28, 2020

Hi, i faced similar issues and then started importing csv files using Power query filter for Excel. still time to time i need to visit and tweak query steps, however it is much less painful then fixing manually fixing spreadsheet each time.


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Tim Graham January 3, 2020

I have the same issue. I'm displaying columns based on the 'Filter' view

2020-01-03_1715.pngBut no matter how I export; CSV (current fields), Excel (current fields), or even the Open in Google Sheets - It's pulling the columns from the 'My defaults' section. 


Tim Graham January 3, 2020

I was able to resolve by clearing my browser cache. I cleared the last 4 weeks on Chrome. Did the trick for me. Hope it works for you too!

Tim Graham January 9, 2020

I must adjust my above work-around. It turns out that manually adjusting the JQL is what is breaking the column sync. If I just run the filter as-is, then the columns export correctly. Still a #bug though

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Luiz Britto February 26, 2020

This work-around is not working for me. Do you have other ideas? 

Tim Graham February 26, 2020

sorry Luiz, nothing beyond the typical default troubleshooting. The issue hasn't recurred for me in a while. I suggest getting the filter the way that you want it, saving (or saving as), closing out the window, clearing cache, re-opening, and trying the newly saved (or new filter) I do think there's a bug here and one of the many instances of @Support @Ryan Robert @Support should take a look at this, and reach back out to us.

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Victor St_ Clair November 30, 2019

Hi.  Am am selecting columns in the columns tab, and choosing CSV (Current Fields) AND YET, the exported CSV file still has many more columns than the 5 I have selected for display.   I want the export to match the display.  How can I control that? 

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Ollie Guan
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July 2, 2018

Hi @Sharon Cohen-Ofir,


When you choose to export the current field, the result still export all the fields?


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