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how to have the cascading dropdown's in jira cloud



Can we have cascaded drop down in JIRA cloud, I mean if I select a value in one drop down, next drop down will populate accordingly

Can i achieve it without using any addon.

2 answers

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Rilwan Ahmed Community Leader Aug 28, 2022

Hi @Sunilkumar k ,

Jira cloud has a custom field type "Select List(Cascading)". You can create the required field and sub-values for them and add it to the required screens. 

Got to Admin settings --> Issues --> Custom field --> Add field --> Select "Select List(Cascading)"

Once the field is created, in the custom fields section search for it and click on "contexts and default value"


Now add the parent values click Add and then click configure to add Child values for the field.


Don't forget to click on "Done" after your all changes. . 

@Sunilkumar k -

As stated by @Rilwan Ahmed

It is the same solution that I provided earlier.  

Best, Joseph

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Rilwan Ahmed Community Leader Aug 30, 2022

@Sunilkumar k 

Did you try the steps as I said. This can be useful for examples like country --> State
Example: You select India, you get Delhi, UP, Karnataka etc
You select USA, you get NewYork, Washington etc

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@Sunilkumar k -

Unfortunately, it is possible out of the box in the CLOUD env.  On the DC/Server env, one can use Script Runner for Jira via its Behavior component to achieve what you are asking for.  

Here is one possible alternative for you to consider -

Create a custom field with the Select List (cascading) field type. Where  you can have certain values in the main field and show different values in the secondary field based on the selection in the main field.  NOTE - It is one parent to one child.  So you cannot select multiple parents and multiple children to assign to an issue out of the box.

Reference -

Best, Joseph Chung Yin

Jira/JSM Functional Lead, Global Infrastructure Applications Team

Viasat Inc.

@Joseph Chung Yin 



Is this possible in cloud or it is for the server.


I am trying it in the Jira cloud  and i could'nt get any option of "request types" under the project settings as mentioned in the reference link that you gave.


The reference link that you gave will work for cloud ? can you please confirm wether the solution provided by you is for cloud or server ?


@Sunilkumar k -

The link I provided for you is for the Cloud env.  You will need to create a custom field with (Select List (cascading) field type) first and associate it with your JSM project.  Afterward, then you can expose the new custom field to your Request Type form.

Best, Joseph

@Joseph Chung Yin 

Iam not using Jira service Management(JSM), as iam Jira software i am not getting request option under project settings.

How can i achieve this using Jira Software

@Sunilkumar k -

It doesn't make any difference (Jira Software or JSM), issue custom field creation process is the same.  You will need to go "Settings" (System admin right required) clog wheel symbol located at the upper right of your screen, and then select "Issues".  In the Issues UI, select "Custom fields" option and then click on "Create custom fields" button.  Afterward, select "Select List (cascading)" field type to create/setup your new custom field.  

This has nothing to do with FORMs utilization.  Lastly, since you posted the original ask in the JSM community, thus I assumed your are using JSM and not just Jira Software.



Hope this helps.

Best, Joseph

@Joseph Chung Yin 

Iam able to create a custom field , but iam not getting the request type option under project settings to cascade the drop downs

@Sunilkumar k -

I don't understand your question at this moment.  Are you saying you want Request Type field to drive the option you configured for the new custom field.  NOTE - The new custom field is a complete different field then the "Request Type" field. 

Currently, there is no functionality where you can control a field option display (i.e. Field B) based on Field A's selected option in the Cloud env.

Please clarify your ask.

Best, Joseph

@Joseph Chung Yin,


My ask is there is a functionality that if i select an option in one dropdown (i.e. dropdown A), the options in other dropdown (dropdown b) will populate accordingly depending on the option selected in the Dropdown A

@Sunilkumar k -

In Cloud env, there is no solution at this moment. On the DC/Server env, one can use Script Runner for Jira via its Behavior component to achieve what you are asking for. 

Just for clarification - Dropdown A is a field and Dropdown B is another field right? 

This is why both @Rilwan Ahmed and myself recommended you the alternative to create a custom field based on "Select list (cascading)" field type.

Best, Joseph

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@Joseph Chung Yin @Rilwan Ahmed 


Can you please explain that by using "Select list (cascading)" how can i achieve this.


For Example : I have two parents Country and State

If i select country as india and the state should have only the states in india.


How can i achieve this by using "Select list (cascading)".

The "Select list (cascading)" field type works like this -

Parent option >> Child options

Example - I have created a new custom field using this field type named "Country-City"

  • USA (as the parent option), it can have one or more child options (San Diego, Washington DC etc..)
  • Japan (as the parent option), it can have one or more child options (Tokyo, Oaska etc..)

When user use this field, he or she will see the following (via the edit issue within the project UI) -


After the selection is made, it will looks like this


In the Portal Request UI Form (once you also add the new field to the Request Form), it will look like this


Note - One will need to select a parent option first, then the child option dropdown will be displayed and available.  IMPORTANT - currently out of the box you can only one parent and one child option selected.  It is not possible to select one parent and multiple childs out of the box.

Hope this helps.

Lastly, if our suggestion helped you, please click on Accept answer when you have a chance on both my and @Rilwan Ahmed suggestions.

Best, Joseph

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