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Where is the kanban board for JIRA Service Desk in the new UI?

Merging boards and projects is very confusing. I was able to create a board for whatever reason. I am not clear how it works now. I don't know where my support board is.

6 answers

In my opinion, the problem with new UI is, that boards can no longer be associated to service desk projects. This was possible before.

We can now either associate the board to a profile or to a separate software project. Unfortunately, both don't fit, as a new project will have a new key and a personal board makes no sense, as it's not a personal board.

So to sum up, the new UI destroyed the possibility to have boards in service desk projects, which made multiple boards in our setup just disappear, and we don't know what we should do with them now. Our workflow is completely broken.  

The articles mentioned don't adress this major issue either!

Could you please explain in detail how the service desk should play together now with software projects and agile boards?

Thx, Mike

I think you are right. It seems that Atlassian is ready to remove features from their users ... that says a lot about Atlassian's management style

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This is extremely disappointing.  I evaluated Jira throughout the year and stopped in either Sep or Oct.  I acquired funding and reactivated last week, and now the primary purpose I chose Jira no longer works.

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So it seems, even though it was possible before, now if you want boards like kanban and have "upgraded" to service desk you would still need a lower tier license just to get some features. 

Therefore adding up to 50% to your costs

Jack Brickey Community Leader Aug 13, 2020

Not following this.

Esther Strom Community Leader Aug 14, 2020

I think what @Harold Wong is saying is that, if you're a team that currently only uses Service Desk, if you want to be able to use kanban boards, you also need to pay for Jira Software (a separate set of licenses which are cheaper than service desk agent licenses.)

This is true. And it still doesn't address the fact that most workarounds, like creating a board in a profile or another project isn't the ideal experience. There's another more recent (but less active) post that I answered in more detail.

I do understand the reasoning behind not having boards; Service Desk is designed for teams who work in a triage flow, handling issues as they come in. But the fact that you can customize a service desk project's workflow does suggest that you should also be able to change the view of how your teams work.

I'm a huge advocate of Service Desk, but it does have limitations.

Exactly Esther.

We have a mixed environment, yes it is true some teams, especially IT do not use boards but our PM and upper management do. I assumed moving up in licenses (I consider service desk license and upgrade from software, and software an upgrade from core) would retain all previous features and unlock more features.

In my Org we have started moving all depts to JIRA so that we can interconnect especially with new hires and offboarding. With service desk with can set SLAs on the different workflows. But if this will remove their kanban boards then I see it as a problem as we need to purchase additional licenses just to give them that one feature. Service desk licenses are twice as expensive as software licenses that is why I mentioned a 50% increase is costs. 

Esther Strom Community Leader Aug 14, 2020

I understand the frustration, but want to correct this statement:

I consider service desk license and upgrade from software, and software an upgrade from core

This isn't accurate. Service Desk is not an upgrade from Software, and Software is not an upgrade from Core. They are three separate products, designed for different purposes, each of which can be used completely standalone. It's true that many companies use more than one, either separately or in combination, but that doesn't imply an upgrade relationship between the products.

Core is useful for companies without any development teams, who do not work in any kind of Agile format. It allows them to track work in Jira without conforming to the Agile conceit of Kanban or Scrum.

Software, on the other hand, was specifically designed to support Agile development and tracking. That's not to say that non-IT teams can't use Software; we do, because we also have IT teams so we already pay for Software.

Service Desk is configured for a specific type of work. Many companies only use Service Desk; they do not have any need for the other parts of Jira. Service Desk gives them an easy way to configure external customer access, set up custom request types without needing Jira admin experience, and, most importantly, work in queues the way a true front-line support team usually does.

Hi @Esther Strom.  We have recently moved one of our software development projects into Service Desk JIRA (we have licences for both) in order to provide a much clearer visibility of all the workload of the team which includes software development, bug fixing and change requests - and provide easy communication back to individuals and teams requesting changes / bug fixes from within JIRA.    However, I am struggling to see how we can deal with this work in an Agile way - I can't see how to set up a scrum board for example to manage sprints.   Is this possible?  I'm presuming some of the solutions suggested in prior years are not feasible any more.

Esther Strom Community Leader Feb 19, 2021

@Simon Snell JSM (new branding; Jira Service Management) does not include boards or the functionality to manage sprints. That's not what it's designed for; it's intended for triage-style support that's managed via queues as issues come in, not on a scheduled (sprint) basis.

There are workarounds; you can create a Jira software project with permissions locked down so no one can create new issues in it, then create a board that runs off a filter that pulls in your service desk tickets. It's not ideal. 

I'm not really sure I understand what "visibility" you gain by using service desk instead of Software if all of your users are internal.

Hi Esther,

   So I have a JIRA Classic Service Project within JSD Cloud that is used for customer support tickets. They're looking to see the tickets in a KanBan board. Is this not doable?

Esther Strom Community Leader Apr 07, 2021

@Ben Weisman if your organization also has a Jira Software license, you can do what I mentioned above: create a classic Software project; lock down Create access in it so users can't add tickets; create a saved filter that pulls in tickets from your Service Desk project, and set up a single Kanban board in the Software project that uses your saved filter as the source. 

If you don't own Jira Software as well as Service Desk, you won't be able to do this. Service Desk (Service Management after the rebranding) does not include board functionality. The reasons for this are described in my response to Harold on August 14, 2020.

Thank you! That is helpful.

One more question if you would be so kind:

If I create a classic software project in JSD, am I able to connect it to a portal/form via Request types like I can with a service project? Is that possible?

Thanks again.

Esther Strom Community Leader Apr 07, 2021

Your classic project would be Jira Software, not Service Desk. If you still need all of the other features of service desk (like external customer management), I'd recommend staying with a service desk project and just creating a board as suggested in an empty classic Software project. Easy setup of request types without the need for a system admin is one of the reasons to use Service Desk. The portal view is another reason.

If you're using Jira to collect feedback/bugs/etc. on an existing website, you can use the Issue Collector functionality with any project, including a Software project. But you'd need to be/involve a Jira admin to do that work, whereas for a Service Desk project, you only need project-level admin access.

I got around this issue like this:

  • Create Service Desk
  • Convert to Software project:
    • Project Settings
    • Details
    • Project Type -> Software Project
  • Create Kanban board:
    • Boards
    • View all Boards
    • Create board
    • Kanban
    • Board from an existing project
  • Convert to Service Desk.
    • Project Settings
    • Details
    • Project Type -> Service Desk
Jack Brickey Community Leader Nov 20, 2017

I'm confused as I don't have to do this in cloud. I can create a Kanban for JSD project simply by changing the location to be my profile. I think the issue is the board for a non-SW project can't be allocated to the project's location. Not really even sure what that capabilities that provides tbh. The board will work fine for my needs. BTW, I don't think this is a new UI issue but may maybe it does behave differently. I have switched back to the old and occasionally switch back to test some things.

Esther Strom Community Leader Jun 27, 2019

I realize this is old, but we just had a team request this. I think the main problem with your solution (having a board in your profile) is that it's only in your profile. That doesn't do any good for a team that needs to use the board.

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I just like Kanban boards, so I want it in Service Desk.

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did you mange to get it ? how?

Jack Brickey Community Leader Jan 06, 2020

@Pallavi Swamy,

you can create the Kanban board and save to your profile location as mentioned above. Regarding Esther's comment "....only in your profile..." you can add the board shortcut to the JSD project sidebar using the "add shortcut". This allows anyone to access from the JSD project page, of course you need to share the board. They can also favorite the board if desired.

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Oct 16, 2017

@Utku Yildirim, server or cloud? If cloud click the magnifying glass where you will find a number of options including Boards (most recent and “View all boards”.

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Hi Utku,

Take a look at the Knowledge base article Boards in the new Jira experience for a better understanding of the changes.  There is also a parent article that has some links on the right discussing various parts of the new UI that you can find at Introducing your new Jira experience.



Hey Brandon, How does your links solve the problem that the community is having?  I don't see any way to have email requests be sent to a Kanban board on JIRA- the way it used to be.  This was a significant product feature to remove. Please update links to appropriate documentation or advise on a workaround.

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Hi Utku,

Service Desk projects don't natively support boards like Software projects do.  So it won't be visible on the side tab.  However, you can still navigate to Boards (top bar) and you can find your board there.

What I would suggest is add a link to the kanban board under Project Shortcuts.


Thanks Susan,

I don't see a top bar in the new design. There is no straight access to the list of all boards as far as I can see. However, the old link to the page that you mention still exists.


can you post the old like ?  I have Jira Service Desk Server version and I can't find boards at all


There are no boards in Service desk

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Aug 21, 2018

@ogechi cooper,True, but if you also have Jira Core or Jira SW you have board support and can leverage for your JSD projects. 

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