Using Approvals in JSM for Helpdesk Tickets

TL;DR; As a JSM Service Desk Team member, I want to be able to utilize the Approval configuration in a workflow. If you could flag specific customers in an organization as having approval status, AND a configurable setting that automatically populated the Approvers with individuals from a customers organization, then JSM teams could set up an easy, native workflow where customers can validate that the changes/bug fixes requested were acceptable. 

When a customer puts in a helpdesk bug, after our development team has completed the requirement, we want the customer to validate in their lower levels environments that the fix works, before we promote the changes to a production environment.

Many times, our customers organizations are of a size that the original reporter is not necessarily the one that tests and approves that the code fix is valid. If JSM Organizations had the ability to flag (ALL or SOME) of the customers as approvers, this would be one step toward solving that problem. 

The second part of this would be a feature flag setup in the JSM Approvals that looks at the Organization Field on the ticket, and autopopulates the approvers from that field.

I have created a suggestion, for others to watch and vote on, if you feel it's a good idea. Happy to have a discussion to see if there is a better way to do this.

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Yea not being able to add customers as approvers is a huge pain point. Adding my vote to your suggestion. 


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