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Updating linked Proforma dropdowns

Regan Marshall May 9, 2024

I have team managed project with fields that linked to the fields in Proforma. For the dropdown options, if I update the Jira field to include another option and save the change, it drops the links for all the fields on that form. 

Should I be changing that somewhere else?

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Regan Marshall May 19, 2024

I found the issue - someone else had tried to make an update to linked field and dragged it into the Customer Request form in Jira. Because of the clash, it would drop all fields. 

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Lorena lopez
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I'm New Here
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May 10, 2024

It sounds like you're encountering a synchronization issue between the fields in your Jira project and the Proforma forms. When you update a dropdown option in Jira, it's causing the links between the fields in your Proforma forms to break.

Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve this issue:

  • Check Field Mapping: Review the field mapping between Jira and Proforma. Ensure that the dropdown field in Jira is correctly mapped to the corresponding field in Proforma. If the mapping is incorrect or incomplete, it can lead to synchronization problems.
  • Update Field Options in Proforma: Instead of directly updating the dropdown options in Jira, try updating the options in Proforma first. Make sure that the options in Proforma match the options in Jira exactly. Once you've updated the options in Proforma, check if the synchronization issue persists.
  • Refresh or Re-Sync Data: After making any changes to field options or mappings, refresh or re-sync the data between Jira and Proforma. Some integration tools or plugins may have a manual sync option that you can use to ensure that the latest changes are reflected correctly.
  • Check Integration Settings: If you're using an integration tool or plugin to connect Jira and Proforma, review the settings and configuration options. Look for any settings related to field synchronization, data mapping, or conflict resolution that could be causing the links to break.
  • Consult Support or Documentation: If you're still experiencing issues, consider reaching out to the support teams for Jira, Proforma, or the integration tool/plugin you're using. They may have specific troubleshooting steps or documentation that can help you resolve the synchronization issue.

By systematically reviewing and adjusting the field mappings, updating options in Proforma first, refreshing data sync, checking integration gm-socrates settings, and seeking support if needed, you should be able to address the issue of dropped links between fields in your managed project.

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