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Show only reporter assets for a custom field

Dylon Robinson May 12, 2023

Trying to understand how the AQL scope works.

Currently I have assets with the attribute Owner, this is an object attribute referencing to an employee object.

My employee object has a User attribute.

When I want to filter a custom field to only show the reporter assets, how would I achieve this?

Currently this does not work:

Owner = ${reporter.displayName}

How can I match the Owner attribute, which is an object. To the actual reporter's display name?

This video shows a good example of what I'm trying to do, the assets have an Owner attribute that references to the employees, but when in the portal, the custom field is able to show assets related to the reporter.

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Dylon Robinson May 12, 2023

I was able to get this working using this AQL issue scope:

Owner.User = ${reporter}

J Conners December 7, 2023

We are having a similar issue.

We use "Assigned to" instead of Owner and "AtlassianUser" instead of User

When I use "Assigned to".AtlassianUser = ${reporter} I get nothing.


Daniel Kerr February 22, 2024

Hi @J Conners 

I stumbled across this post in trying to solve this very issue and @Dylon Robinson's AQL works for me but let me explain this as I had to write it down to understand where I was going wrong. Below is how I have configured my asset's custom field.

Use case: License database
Object Type = Licenses (storing all our /assigned/available licenses)

Attribute for the user in the licenses object type = "Assigned". This is using Object as it's attribute type and the type value is "Users" which is the object type that stores all our users. 

Within our object type "Users" we have an attribute called "Atlassian ID" which is a "User" Attribute type.

So, now we have the following:

1. Our object schema

2. Our object type = "Licenses"

3. Our attribute for licenses (which is "assigned" using the Object type attribute)

4. Our attribute from the Users object type (which is "Atlassian ID")

With this information, we can now build our assets custom field.

Filter scope (AQL): objectType in "Licenses"

Filter issue scope (AQL): Assigned."Atlassian ID" = ${reporter}

- "Licenses Objecttype Attribute"."referenced object type attribute which is a User attribute" = ${reporter}

From there, choose what you want the user to search for in the request field. I've chosen "Application" as the attribute from the "Licenses" object type.

 Hopefully, this helps if you haven't already figured out where you were going wrong.

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