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Regularly recurring tasks

jitka_klubalova March 27, 2023

Hello, is it possible to set up regularly recurring tasks for the project? We are ISO certified and due to this fact we are obliged to perform tasks regularly (on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis). Can we automate these tasks with Jira? Thanks for the response. Jitka

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Kate Pawlak _Appsvio_
Community Leader
Community Leader
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March 27, 2023

Hi @jitka_klubalova ,

You can create automation to create such tasks automatically but remember about limits of rules execution:

Customers on Free and Standard plans have access to a limited monthly trial allotment of global and multi project rule executions (100 and 500 per month, respectively). (source)

You have to set Trigger: Scheduled, Action: Create issue. Of course, you can set some conditions if you need.

Another option is using a dedicated app for such tasks. I can recommend the addon created by my team called Scheduled Templates for Jira. It's a paid solution but free for up to 10 users. With this app, you can prepare and schedule issue templates (or run them manually). Thanks to this, you don't have to remember to create recurring tasks manually every time.


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Juan Carlos Vera
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Rising Star
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March 27, 2023

Hi @jitka_klubalova ,

Yes, it is possible to set up regularly recurring tasks for a project in Jira using Jira Automations.

You can create  Schediuled Jira automation rules at regular intervals (e.g., weekly, monthly, yearly)

You can select the tasks that need to be performed regularly and add the conditions & Actions that you need in the Automation.

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Jason Baumgart January 17, 2024


I've recently explored similar challenges in Jira regarding setting up recurring tasks. I want to share my approach and some insights that might be helpful.


Project Configuration for Recurring Tasks

  1. Task Visibility: Create a project where users only see tasks assigned to them or where they are the reporters.
  2. Workflow Adjustment: Adjust the workflow to allow tasks to move from a 'Done' state back to 'Backlog' or 'To-Do'. This approach facilitates the recurrence of tasks.
  3. Organizing Tasks: Implement swimlanes and quick filters based on the next follow-up date. This setup helps categorize tasks as past due, due today, remaining this week, or upcoming next week.
  4. Manual Task Management: At the end of the workflow, it's crucial to manually recognize recurring tasks and move them back to the 'To-Do' status. or add additional swimlanes and quickfilters so that done tasks still listed as recurring with a past due date show up in a specific swimlane or filter signally you to reset them back to backlog or todo. Or whatever status you want.  


Limitations and Risks:

  • Any user accessing the issue can change the next follow-up date field.  I've instructed my team to allow only the assignee to change the field.  We mostly honor this; sometimes, we have a mix-up.  Jira cannot restrict a specific field to only be editable by a particular user or group on a screen.
  • Security to view this issue is only at the level in which security is applied.  Super admins can still get in and see the tasks that they usually would not be able to see when not accessing it from the back admin superpowers.  It is NOT 100% confidential, so limit what you create as tasks in this space.
  • The act of recurring in this design is built into the act of using the swimlanes and quick filters that group things based on underlined queries.  As you work; you are resetting values or status to be brought back up in a swimlane or filter to group items in lists that you can work from. 

Additional Option

  • This structure also works well if you create a dashboard for querying Jira issues, the same as your swimlanes and filters. It will provide you with a personal dashboard of your schedule.
    • This can also be done using the Due Date field, which would bring Jira native functionality of the due date into the picture.
    • A simple TODO, In Progress, and Done workflow also works fine.  Using the Date field of your choice either a new custom field or the due date field.  while a task is in progress, update the due date field each time you touch the tasks and change it to the date on which you want to be signaled for it to appear in your day's work list.  If the task is not done and you want to be reminded of it again in two days then advance your date field by two days and let your swim lanes filter this into your list or use your dashboard to have it separated in a query-based widget.
    • A reminder this is for items created in a specific task-tracking project, for other projects where additional work is created, I suggest creating a second board in your task-tracking project where the underlined query pulls in all issue types created in and outside of your task-tracking project.  This concept allows for outside projects to run as normal but provides users with a single location to pick up and manage all of their work. NOTE: if you are using a custom field for your date you will want to put this on all of your screens so that it can be managed in the task tracking project effectively and not interfere with the due date field as external projects will use this to represent when that work is due vs when a user wants to recall the task in there, task tracker.

I hope these insights and steps are helpful. I'm also open to hearing other methods or improvements on this approach!

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Andy Bayford September 25, 2023

Good morning.  I too am looking for recurring tasks, and I fear it is less obvious than has been made out.  Perhaps your system admins have put the task in or something, because, when I click on Create there is nothing regarding frequency etc.   I have made sure I am looking at all fields, but there is nothing that would look right.  

nicole_pierce September 25, 2023

I spoke with my IT team and it is an additional plug in, as is reminders. They seem like such basic features in a project management software that I am shocked we have to pay extra for those features. 

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Zak November 15, 2023

Hi @Andy Bayford you just go into the project board and select the lightening bolt icon on the top right hand side. It'll show a Automation modal, select that. In the search, search for 'Scheduled'. After that you can schedule any sort of thing to occur as many times as you like. Personally, I think they just got the name of this automation rule wrong. Good luck

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Hrvoje Kusulja November 16, 2023

@zak can you confirm this is still automation, but using some 3rd party plugin named "schedule" ?

Zak November 16, 2023

Hi @Hrvoje Kusulja I can confirm that this is an automation. What I got wrong is that the configuration for automations in Data Center and Jira Service Management sit in the project settings tab of a project. It's only on Jira Cloud that the automation icon is sitting on the project board etc. My understanding is there are limitations on how many automations can be done per plan tier. Have a look at:


CleanShot 2023-11-17 at 12.53.43.png 

Ciaran Curley November 27, 2023

It seems as if this function has been removed (Why? I have no idea). The option used to be in the 'options' for the particular issue (i.e. the 3 dots), below the option to 'Add flag'. Previously there was no need for additional plugins or creating automations. It does not appear to be there anymore, which is frustrating.

Rob Verdon November 28, 2023

I'm looking for this as well. Seems like a simple request.

Patricia Clay January 2, 2024

I am looking for the feature on Server and wasted the last hour trying out different options

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Maksym Skrypniuk March 29, 2023

Hello Jitka,

Yes, it is definitely possible to set up regularly recurring tasks for your project in Jira. Jira has a built-in feature called "Recurring Tasks" that allows you to automate these types of tasks.To set up recurring tasks in Jira, you can create a new issue and set its frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly) and the number of times it should repeat. You can also specify the start and end dates for the task.

Once you have set up the recurring task, Jira will automatically create a new issue for that task at the specified frequency. You can assign the task to a team member and set its priority, due date, and other attributes just like any other issue.You can also use Jira's automation features to automate the workflow for recurring tasks. For example, you can create a rule that automatically assigns the task to a specific team member when it is created, or sends a reminder to the team member when the task is due.

In summary, Jira is a powerful project management tool that can help you automate recurring tasks and ensure that your team stays on track with your ISO certification requirements.

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Best regards, Maksym

Hrvoje Kusulja September 4, 2023

Please explain where is this option "Recurring Tasks" exactly in Jira work management (cloud) ?

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nicole_pierce September 21, 2023

I cannot find a recurring tasks feature for my Jira tasks 

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Rafi Hagopian September 29, 2023

this is clearly an incorrect AI generated response. Bad bot!

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Ciaran Curley November 27, 2023

It seems as if this function has been removed (Why? I have no idea). The option used to be in the 'options' for the particular issue (i.e. the 3 dots), below the option to 'Add flag'. It does not appear to be there anymore, which is frustrating.

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