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Todd Thomas January 23, 2023

We have one large project for our entire IT department in JSM Server today. By using the "Bug Watcher" app, we ask IT staff to create filters for the things they want notifications about, and then watch that filter. Watching a filter will send them notifications when something matches that criteria. We primarily use the Component field, which is based on HR teams or IT services.

Bug Watcher isn't available in JSM Cloud, so we're exploring other ways of allowing IT staff to create their own filters to base their agent notifications on. Our organization is too big to individually assign or add people as Watchers, so we need a system that can take a ticket and assign it to a team that will then route it internally.

How are you handling notifying different teams of people in JSM Cloud?

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vinz March 1, 2024

Hi @Todd Thomas 

You have to options:

1- You do automation to assign automatically every created ticket to one person in particular and then this person will reassign to a designated ressource

2- You can create a group with all the member of a given team, and then with an automation you do the following:

When a ticket is created

If it is of kind "whatever"

Assign it to a person part of that group


Assignment rule are the following ones Balanced workloaded, Random or Round-robin (see screenshot below)



Second thing, using your notification scheme of the project, you can say on events such as issue created, issue commented or whatever, I want to notify a jira-group instead of one person in particular.

Hope this will help.


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February 12, 2023

Hi @Todd Thomas 

You can try using a third-party add-on. My team developed the SLA Time and Report for Jira add-on, which has more SLA specialization, but we already had a similar use case where the client wanted to control SLA with custom fields instead of status changes.
By a similar logic, you can automatically send notifications to groups or certain users when the value in this field changes and/or the status changes.2023-02-06_22-10-27.png
You can set it up yourself with a 30-day trial or book a demo with our manager, and we'll set it up together. If you have any other questions, I will be happy to answer them.

Todd Thomas March 15, 2023

Thanks for the response, but we don't need to change SLAs. We need to notify agents by email who are monitoring a specific Component.

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