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JSM Assets: Service dependency mapping

lgolden January 8, 2024

We have started using the affected services field. In adding our services, we have too many so would like to work on a hierarchy and dependency structure and there seems to be some built in features but not ideal so looking for others experience and guidance before diving in deeply. 

If we have ERP as a service, there is related physical infrastructure (Server, network, building etc) and there is also related services such as the backup service or related by integration (API) such as BI, extranets, CRM, etc. I would love to leverage the affected services ability for similar incidents or change management conflicts. The challenge is we have already 100 + affected services and have many more to enter at this level of granularity. If we get too granular then its too easy pick the wrong service and if we are too general then we can get easily get blocked.

A more specific example is for network service we have almost everything in that location dependant on it if we list it as general meaning it includes internet, wifi, switches, firewall etc. Many of the items are not dependant though as for example wifi can be down and network up or physical network can be down in one part of a building but not in other areas or other buildings etc.

So any advice, thoughts for built in with Jira Assets? I would like to first explore what can be done with existing software or perhaps with a small add on app before exploring other software which I know exist out there.

Thanks in adance,


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Curt Holley
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
January 8, 2024

Great question @lgolden 

I can't say I have a confident answer. So here is a question for you: Are you on JSM Premium? and thus have access to Assets??
As what I have seen is the combination of Affected Services and Assets used to create a hierarchy (Top level, Affected Services, then have a lower level(s) as objects in Assets and have them linked to create the required relationships.

This can work great, but can still lead to complexity and or compromise based on the reporting and UI needs of the company concerned.

I look forward to seeing what others have to offer in this space as well. 🙂

lgolden January 8, 2024

yes we are JSM premium and have assets. I can see how we can do what you suggest but it feels like too much manual development and maintenance. I was hoping for more out of the box.

Hoping for more insights before deciding to dive in.




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