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JIRA Service Desk Automation "When: Issue created" no longer working




Last Friday I created a new automation and tested it several times with success.

Screenshot 2022-08-09 105316.png


The following Tuesday, I noticed that new issues created are not triggering the automation and are not even being logged in the audit log. I am unsure what has changed since then.

I have created other automations to test without success. Please advise.

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Hi @Kurt Maurer and @Mikael Sandberg / @Joseph Chung Yin 

We had the same issue (Server, v8.13). After updating the "Automation" add-on it worked again. Also all mails of the past few days have been sent now, so no information was lost.

Only happened for the automations with the "when" trigger that did not include a scheduled jql (e.g. create, update, comment).

Maybe due to the maintenance window from 6.8.22? This would explain the graph until the update of the addon today in the administration section:


Hope this works for you as well!a

@M0214104 -

As you were referring to Server/On-prem env.  In @Kurt Maurer env, it is Cloud env, thus Automation for Jira is a part of the env out of the box.

Best, Joseph

alrighty, then that won't solve his problem, just showed was helped us (maybe wrong tagging?) and it was just coincidence for me stumbling across his issue here :) 

@Joseph Chung Yin 

I apologize, I was incorrect. We are NOT running a Cloud environment -- I should have known better that it is an on-premises environment. If this changes the avenues for troubleshooting or seeking help, I'd appreciate you letting me know.

@M0214104 Not sure if there was any maintenance recently. But I have submitted a ticket with our enterprise technology folks and hopefully they'll get back to me.


Thank you all again,



Hello @Kurt Maurer 

Could your service managers "fix it" for you? Fingers crossed that you're able to use automation again, it's such a great feature!


@Kurt Maurer -

Welcome to the community.  So, In the audit log is not even picking up the issue creation activities?  Is this automation rule setup just for one specific project or multiple projects?  Could you are creating issue in a project where there is no automation rule by mistake?

Lastly, what is your cloud plan (Free, Standard, Premium, or Enterprise), it is because there is limitations -  Here are the details (extracted from other postings from Atlassian Team's response)

  • If a new automation rule is created and run for a specific project, the executions will be unlimited. This is true for Cloud Free, Standard, and Premium.
  • If a rule is created and applied to more than one project, it's considered global, so it will be limited. The limits for that are (for a month) 100 executions for Free plan, 500 executions for Standard and 1000 executions per licensed Premium user. 
  • If the automation works between two projects, it will be considered global and have limitations according to your Cloud Plan.

Best, Joseph Chung Yin

Jira/JSM Functional Lead, Global Infrastructure Applications Team

Viasat Inc.

Hi Joseph, thank you for your response. Here is a screenshot of the audit log:

You can see that I was having success on August 5th, but no further issues have registered. All the config changes are me trying to get it to work afterward. 

I am sure that this is a project rule by this screenshot:


Not shown in this screenshot, but the project is correct and where I am creating issues (when testing, I click on the "Raise a request" icon within the project). And it is "Enabled."

It seems the automation would qualify for the last bullet point you mentioned. This automation creates another ticket in our teams scrum project automatically. Even with 100 executions, I have not tested this automation that many times to hit the limit. Additionally, I would expect to receive a warning, message, or an alert telling me that I'm nearing or have hit the limit. Hopefully it wouldn't passively just not execute, leaving the user in a similar state as me at the moment.

I'm trying to figure out what plan my company has in the meantime. Thank you again for your help; please let me know if you have any further suggestions.



@Kurt Maurer -

If everything checks out and issue continues, then I would recommend you to submit a support request to Atlassian Support ( for their direct assistance as they will be able to look into system logs for your site to determine the problem.

Another thing, can you check if the rule is "Enable"? 

Best, Joseph

Just verified the rule is enabled. I'll submit a request to Atlassian Support, thank you again Joseph for your responses!

@Kurt Maurer -

As you mentioned just now that you are on-prems env and not on Cloud env, then you will need to ensure that your Automation for Jira (separate paid add-on) version is correct against your Jira/JSM versions.

After you can ensure that the versions are correct, then you may want to

1) Disable and re-enable Automation for Jira add-on

2) Upgrade Automation for Jira (add-on) version as needed to a one that still support your Jira/JSM versions.

3) If you have a Test env with the same configuration, test it out first to ensure everything is working as expected before #1/#2 executions in Prod.

Still you should file a formal support request with Atlassian Support with your support zip files for them to assist on your issue to identify the possible cause.

Best, Joseph

@Joseph Chung Yin Thank you again. I'll take those steps and let you know how it goes.

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Mikael Sandberg Community Leader Aug 09, 2022

Hi @Kurt Maurer,

Welcome to Atlassian Community!

Go to Rule details and check Allow rule trigger and see if that helps. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 10.59.14 AM.png 

Thank you, I just tried your suggestion and the automation is still not being triggered.

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