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Items sent from JSM not appearing in Outlook 'Sent Items' folder

Gareth Jones January 9, 2023

I linked our support email address today ( via Project Settings > Email Requests > Microsoft


All is working well on pulling emails in from Outlook to Jira. However none of our replies we send from Jira are showing in the Sent Items of Outlook.

* I have confirmed that outgoing emails are reaching their destination.

* I have also checked the Mail Logs in Project Settings > Email Requests > View Logs. Connectivity shows as working with no error messages.


I'm a bit stuck where else I can look to see what's causing the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thank you.

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Patrick Savelberg March 1, 2023

@Gareth Jones were you able to figure this out?

Gareth Jones March 2, 2023

@Patrick Savelberg Sort of, although it didn't actually fix our issue, so the answer wasn't really to our satisfaction.

We had to add the email account to our Jira instance using these instructions. Effectively we had to verify the domain using some DNS records to enable Jira to send mail on our behalf. As you mention in another comment, they are using DKIM, SPF, and DMARC so are basically just sending mails on behalf of us, rather than sending it from our mailbox.

Now all it does is when it sends an email to a customer, it also sends that same email to our email. The big problem is that it just shows the email as coming from and being delivered to It doesn't actually show us who the email was sent to.

We're really disappointed how this works. Lots of other solutions we investigated (and the one we moved from) allowed direct linking of the mail account. It feels odd and clunky the way Jira has developed this.

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Riley Venable
Community Leader
Community Leader
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February 11, 2023

You should check the settings for the email channel. You must be a Jira administrator to change your settings for the email channel. To change email channel settings: Go to Settings () > Products. Under Jira Service Project, select Email requests. Change the following settings as needed: Strip quotes — choose whether emailed comments contain the entire email thread, or just the most recent reply. HTML email parsing — choose whether HTML emails display in wiki markup or plain text. Email addresses — view the status and logs of your email channels, or delete a channel.

Patrick Savelberg March 1, 2023

@Riley Venable You are referring to the inbound emails. The question is about the outbound emails. That is why @Gareth Jones is mentioning that the sentItems folder in his Outlook remains empty.

We are struggling with the same problem. We are getting reports from customers that JSM replies were not received by them. We have access to the customer notification logs and from there it looks like the email has been sent. But there is no trace of the actual mail in the sentItems folder of the mailbox.

I’m assuming Atlassian is using the MS Graph API for sending emails through Office365. The documentation of the API shows that the sendMail request has an optional parameter saveToSentItems that is true by default. That must mean that Atlassian is deliberately setting this parameter to false. Why? Or why not make it an option to switch this on/off?

Patrick Savelberg March 1, 2023

My assumption was probably wrong about Atlassian using MS Graph API for outbound emails. They are relaying using DMARC, DKIM and SPF. So there is actually no chance to get the outgoing emails in the sentItems folder. Only possible way I see is Atlassian offering some kind of interface in the UI that displays the mail log for all the outbound emails. By the way we are on a Cloud instance, JiraServer has this feature.

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