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Integration - Jira Service Management, Outlook and DocuSign

Shubham Prasad
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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February 18, 2024


I own a process in which I use all the mentioned 3 tools and would like to have integration or connection between all of these tools.


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Prabhu Palanisamy _Onward_
Marketplace Partner
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February 18, 2024

Please checkout OnLink. We have native integration support to connect to Azure AD, email and Docusign (beta release) from JSM. Happy to connect with you to show you a demo.

Disclosure: I'm part of Onward who built OnLink.

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Ignacio Aredez
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February 18, 2024

Integrating Jira Service Management, Outlook, and DocuSign can significantly streamline your workflow, enhancing both efficiency and collaboration. Here's a strategic approach to achieving integration between these three platforms:

1. Understand the Workflow and Objectives
First, let's define the specific processes and objectives you're looking to achieve with this integration:

What kind of issues or requests in Jira Service Management would require sending an email via Outlook?
At what point in the process do you need to use DocuSign? Is it for contract approvals, onboarding documents, etc.?
How do you envision the flow between receiving a request in Jira Service Management, communicating via Outlook, and getting something signed through DocuSign?

2. Identify Integration Points
Jira Service Management to Outlook: Automate email notifications for new issues, updates, or resolutions.
Jira Service Management to DocuSign: Trigger document signing requests based on specific issue types or statuses.
DocuSign to Jira Service Management: Update issue status or add comments upon document completion.
Outlook to Jira Service Management: Create issues or comments from specific emails or meeting invitations.

3. Explore Integration Tools and Add-Ons
Marketplace Add-Ons: Check the Atlassian Marketplace for add-ons that directly integrate Jira Service Management with Outlook and DocuSign. These add-ons can offer built-in functionality without the need for extensive custom development.
Microsoft Power Automate: Use Power Automate to create workflows that connect Outlook and DocuSign with Jira Service Management. Power Automate offers templates and connectors for these platforms, enabling you to define triggers and actions.
Jira Service Management Webhooks: Use webhooks to send real-time data from Jira to other applications. You might need custom development to handle webhook payloads in Outlook or DocuSign.
Email Handlers in Jira: Configure Jira's built-in email handlers to create or update issues based on emails received in Outlook.

4. Implement and Test
Configure Add-Ons: Install and configure any selected add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace, following the provider's setup instructions.
Set Up Power Automate Flows: Create flows in Power Automate, ensuring you test each flow thoroughly to confirm that data passes correctly between systems.
Develop Custom Solutions if Necessary: If your workflow requires it, develop custom solutions using APIs provided by Jira, Outlook, and DocuSign.

5. Monitor and Optimize
After implementation, monitor the integration closely to ensure it meets your needs:

Track Performance and User Feedback: Gather feedback from users interacting with the integrated workflow to identify any issues or areas for improvement.
Adjust and Refine: Based on feedback and performance, make necessary adjustments to the integration. This might involve tweaking automation rules, changing how information is passed between systems, or even exploring additional tools to better serve your process.
6. Ensure Security and Compliance
Given that DocuSign often handles sensitive information, ensure that all integrations comply with your organization's security policies and any relevant data protection regulations.

By following these steps, you can create a robust integration between Jira Service Management, Outlook, and DocuSign that automates and streamlines your process. If you have specific workflows in mind or need further assistance with any of these steps, please let me know!

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