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In Proforma forms can you do rich text editing in a paragraph field or sort or long text field.

Sam Hudson January 13, 2023

In our Jira data centre we have a service management project that is going to use proforma forms.  The project admin has created the forms with no issue but when testing the forms out notice that a user cannot use rich text editing when filling in a paragraph box.  I have checked the settings for proforma but cannot find an option for this.  Proforma say on their site rich text editing can be done.  Am I missing something or is rich text editing only available in the making and editing of the forms but no when filling in a form as a end users.

With kind regards

Sam Hudson

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Sam Hudson March 1, 2023

Hi all,

Sorry for my slow reply to the comments.  Did not get any notifications and was busy on another project.

@John Funk thanks for your suggestion and I have tried this.  The frustrating issue with doing it that way is you still do not get the rich text editing options in the Proforma fields when looking at the form.  If you go to edit the field directly then yes you do get the option and you can see the result of that if you go back into the form after making the changes.  However, if this is the only route to do this then it make having the proforma forms useless as my users cannot be expected to start filling in a form and then save it to go out to update a specific field to do rich text editing and then go back in again to complete the form.  Well it useless for how we want to use the forms but this would be a great feature to have in proforma in text or paragraph fields.

@Florian Royer thanks for your input as well.

With kind regards

Sam Hudson

Florian Royer March 2, 2023

Hi @Sam Hudson ,

I have contacted JSM support, and actually, they are working on a new feature to get it working.

They pushed the new feature and activated it on our instance, and it works very well. I suggest you to do the same ;)


Sam Hudson March 3, 2023

Thanks @Florian Royer .  I will get in touch and see if I can get the same.


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Florian Royer February 19, 2023


I have the exact same problem.

  1. Create a multi-line paragraph custom field
  2. Change the renderer to "Wiki" in the field configuration
  3. In the form, link the field with the JIRA field.

Then, I edit in JIRa the field to see the result in the form, and ... very disappointing:


RegardsScreenshot 2023-02-19 at 2.16.48 AM 1.pngScreenshot 2023-02-19 at 2.15.58 AM.png

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Florian Royer February 19, 2023

Hi Sam,

I have the same issue.

I set the custom field as long paragraph-rich text, and in the "Field Configuration", I set the wiki renderer.

I sync the field with the form. When editing the field in JIRA with wiki markups, the result is as expected.

When opening the form, I see the wiki markups and no rich text 🤪

That's very disappointing...

Any workaround in mind?

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John Funk
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
January 15, 2023

Hi Sam - Welcome to the Atlassian Community!

Are you linking the Proforma Forms field to a Jira custom field? If so, has that field had the Renderer changed in the Field Configuration to use Wiki style? 

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