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Images in forwarded emails are displayed as text in Jira Service Management

Nahuel Logghe May 15, 2024

Hi all!

I need assistance with an issue where PNG images in forwarded emails sent to the support email address to open new tickets are displayed as base64 encoded text in Jira. Does anyone else had this issue and/or know how to fix it?

Here are the details:

This issue results in:

Exceeding the character limit, which cuts off additional information.
Loss of message history due to truncated content.

Steps to Reproduce:

Forward an email containing images to the support email address configured to create new Jira requests/issues.
Open the newly created request/issue in Jira.
Observe that the images are displayed as base64 encoded text.

Expected Behavior:
Images in forwarded emails should be correctly interpreted and displayed as images within Jira, without affecting the character limit or truncating message history.

Actual Behavior:
Images are displayed as base64 encoded text, causing character limits to be exceeded and leading to the truncation of the message history.

This bug causes important information to be lost in support requests, leading to incomplete issue tracking and potential delays in resolving customer problems.

Additional Information:

  • Resending the message multiple times may result in the images displaying correctly
  • This issue occurs more frequently with signature images compared to other images, likely due to the reason mentioned in the next point.
  • As far as I have observed, this problem only occurs with PNG images.
  • Example of base64 encoded image data string displayed as text: 


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