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How to backup and restore deleted or existing assets schemas/objects?

Oto Machaladze June 9, 2023

If you accidentally delete the assets object schema, or you just want to revert some changes or backup an older version of the schema, currently there is no native functionality to do this.

Our newly updated plugin Insight Assets Backup & Migration is the only way to do daily backups of the asset object schemas.

The addon has the functionality to schedule automated backups using the cron expression. Set up assets backup with the user-friendly interface in a few clicks and enjoy your asset management with no fear of losing any data.

Here is a step-by-step instruction to install the application, schedule schema backups, and restore the backed-up schemas to the desired environment.

  1. Log into your Jira instance.

  2. Click the Apps dropdown and choose Find new apps.

  3. Search for Insight Assets Backup & Migration and click on the app title and install it.

  4. After clicking Assets Backup & Migration, if it is the first time when the app is accessed, you will be walked through the initial Setup process.1.pngfill all mandatory fields and click the save and continue button.

  5. The next step is to choose the desired database. You can use the Vendor’s secured database or your local database.2.png

  6. When the backup database is chosen, you will see the Current Connection information and can Sync the existing schemas by clicking Sync and Continue button.

  7. After the sync is completed, you will be navigated to the main screen. You will see Synced Schemas where you will be able to see all assets object schemas existing in your instance.3.png

  8. In the list of schemas, you can manually back up specific schemas, or schedule backup using cron expression. To add a cron expression, click three dots for the specific schema and click schedule backup, write a desired cron expression, turn on the backup toggle, and save.4.png

  9. To restore backed-up assets object schema, click on the restore for the specific schema

  10. After clicking the restore button, choose the desired backup for the schema and click select. After selecting the backup, choose desired destination instance or object schema and fill in all mandatory fields, after that click on Restore.

  11. After the restore is completed, you can see the schema in the Assets.

Here you can see the full documentation for the application.

Insight Assets Backup & Migration has the ability to migrate object schema from the data center or server instance to the destination cloud instance. For more details, view the article

If you have more questions or suggestions feel free to contact Twinit support.


Phillip Goffin June 29, 2023

Hi Oto, Please could you tell me whether the restore creates new objects with new IDs (key) or is the original ID left intact? Thx Phill

Nino Enukidze July 2, 2023

Hello @Phillip Goffin 


The add-on creates new objects with the new object IDs, but the application will also create a new attribute itself: ORIGINAL_KEY where the data of the original object will be stored.

Screenshot 2023-06-30 175229.png

Also, you can choose whether you want to migrate the original object history.


Best Regards,

Twinit Team

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Jesper Halden March 18, 2024

....and if on DataCenter? 

Gia Jgarkava _Twinit_ March 19, 2024

Hello Jesper.

We are currently working on adding this feature to the Cloud app. After the feature is released, it will be possible not only to restore the Assets backup from DC to Cloud, but also to the same or another DC instance. At this point, the Cloud app is used for managing all the backups, including DC and Cloud instances. We plan to add this feature in the nearest days and will update you as soon as a new version of the app is released.

Best regards,


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Oto Machaladze September 8, 2023

Reach out to our newly released feature for the application which includes restoring objects in issues!

Here is the article about:

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Phillip Goffin September 13, 2023

Thanks I'll give that a read!

Peter Nent
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
November 29, 2023

Will making a backup from Jira Assets also backup the attachments (of an asset), such as Word or PDF document. ? This is the make-or-brake for us and thus very important to know: please clarify !

Thanks & best regards, Peter

Gia Jgarkava _Twinit_ December 3, 2023

Hello Peter,

I'm Gia, Portfolio Manager from Twinit.

Though it is not part of the standard offer, we can discuss a custom solution for storing attachments. Please write to us on the Service Desk to discuss your needs, and we will provide a customized solution for you.

Best regards,


Phillip Goffin March 18, 2024

Attachment backup is available now.  I'm testing it currently

Assets Attachments Backup & Migration | Atlassian Marketplace


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Crystal Rouse February 29, 2024

Do you have a version of this that will work with Data Center?

Gia Jgarkava _Twinit_ March 4, 2024

Hello Crystal.

Thanks for your interest in our app. At this point, it is only possible to migrate the Assets from DC to Cloud (including the deleted objects, if they were backed up initially). However, we are currently working on the feature of restoring the Asset objects also in Data Center. The ETA for this feature is one month.

I will update you as soon as this feature is released.

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us here or by raising a request via our Service Desk.

Best regards.


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