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How do you transfer tasks to other departments?

Niklas Zarnecke May 9, 2022

Hey guys,

I'm curently reworking our service desk and struggling a bit with the question how to move a task/story to another department when the customers just got the wrong one.

Currently we are cloning the task and deleting the old one via automation but this is kinda sloppy because the comments and attachments are deleted.

The "move" function via the menu is not really accepted by the service desk collegues..  they want an easy one click solution.

Happy to hear about your experience!

Best Regards


Steve Fournier May 10, 2022

I was asking myself this exact question the other day. 

Laura Campbell _Seibert Media_
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
May 10, 2022

Hi @Niklas Zarnecke 

Couple questions before making a suggestion: how do your service desk colleagues determine that the request was raised in the wrong department? How do they identify where the request needs to be transferred? For example, is there a field that usually gives them a hint? Or is it just in communicating with the customer that they figure it out?

Niklas Zarnecke September 8, 2022

Hi @Laura Campbell _Seibert Media_ ,


sorry for the late Answer, I just had a big break from Atlassian products recently.

We usually determine that by communicating with the customer. I am aware that our request types aren't that sharp and we are currently working on that.

But still, there will be some people who might just be missclicking..

Natalya Ozhigova May 11, 2022

Hi @Niklas Zarnecke 

You could use Branch rule / related issues (All created issue) and in it the action "comment on issue"  with smart value {{triggerissue.comment.body}}. So you can save comments from old issue. Unfortunately it doesn't work with attachments. You should download and attach them manually. 



Gabriel Points June 7, 2022

What we did was we created a new role named, "Issue Creator". You can name it whatever you want. Then, we grant that role the permission to create an issue for the project(s) you want to be able to move issues to.

Last, you assign the individuals you want to be able to transfer to a give project the "Issue Creator" role. 

If you have an automation app, you could do something with that but in my experience, it doesn't work all that great. What it does is it clones the issue to the new project and then deletes the original issue. What happens there is all links to the original issue are dead whereas doing an actual "Issue Move" will allow someone to use a link to the original issue to get to whichever project it's been moved to.

Niklas Zarnecke September 8, 2022

Hi @Gabriel Points

I've done that before, but even that wasn't quite satisfying..

Just wanted to check if I missed something. Thank you for your answer!


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