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How can I set up/Fix my update frequency SLA?

Brady Buttrey April 2, 2024

Our desk is required to set up an SLA for update frequency, which varies by priority. I currently have the SLA set up with a workflow edit by adding an "Update Issue" status to the work flow that all status can transition to and from. Then I set up an automation as so: 

When "comment is the main action". Then: transition to the issue (Issue Update). And Then: Transition the issue to (Copy from trigger issue). 

Which should see a comment on the ticket/issue, transition to the issue update status and then immediately transition back to the original status. I believe this is working. 


On the SLA configuration I have it set up so that it starts when the issue is created or is in any of the in-progress steps (Which is many). Pauses when: waiting on customer. and Finishes when: issue = Issue Update , remediated, or closed. 


This should work in the SLA to reset the clock when the issue status reached "Issue Update."



However, I am encountering the following problems.

1. The Counter restarts on in-progress status changes, rather than just the comment.

2. Comments on the customer portal (from the customer) are resetting the timer. (I noticed that this is happening due to the "When" statement in the rule, I'm not sure the best way to adjust it). 

3. While this one isn't the biggest problem or completely necessary, It would be nice if the SLA would mark complete for given time period of each tickets priority. However, I'm not sure if this is possible if the 15 minute period is reset at the time of the last comment or if its strictly first 15 minutes, second 15 minutes (end of 30 minutes on ticket), third 15 minutes (end of 45 minutes on ticket). 


Here are the images related to my configuration. Any suggestions on how I can adjust my configurations to solve my issue or how I can change my approach to solve my issues and meet the requirements would be appreciated. 



frequency update workflow.png


Automation Rule:

frequency update rule.png



frequency update SLA.png


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